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    • 40 deg C plus, out today, so pretty warm out, same yesterday and again tomorrow so a bit warm down here the last few days, the rest of the coming week is all over 30 Deg C. So not great for finding shrooms about, I did manage one shot today, but not overly excited about it so here's another one from last weeks shots. Take in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan Southwest​ of Sydney.

    • Happy new year to all. First Mushroom shot of the year, Unfortunately, it was not taken today, thou not from lack of trying, but 44 Deg C. here today there wasn't any Shrooms to be found or that much in the way of bird life for that matter. on;y me out walking around with a few cameras. At 12:00 when the Temp hit 44 Deg I called it a day and came back. So this shot is one from Monday this week, Where I did manage to find one. This shot you can see how its pushed up the earth with the ground a the base showing the damage the shroom caused with some of the dirt still on the top of the cap, to the right you can see the tiny white dots these are the spores being released captured by the backlight of one of the speedlites. Best Viewed large to see the details.

    • That time of the week again when another Mushrrom Shot on Saturday goes up. This one taken today in the Australiaan Botanic Gardens, Moutn Annan. Another Warm Day out there, But a few afternoon, Thunderd storms has bought and the Shrooms today.

    • A day late with this weeks Mushrorm shot, Spent the last three days traveling on the road and not so much on line for a couple of days. Aslo quite hot out and about a swell, Drive 200 plus Km down south to the National Capital for a few days was also in the 40s down there so pretty hot time all round. Didn't manage to find any Mushrroms down there so here's another shot from last week, when I managed a few different Mushroom groups to shoot.

    • Another hot week down here so no Mushrooms to be found yesterday, Though I was out looking but at 40 Deg C. I gave up and came home to the cool not so many birds about either in those temperatures. Heres one form a few weeks ago when I got a few in the same week.

    • This week another hot week here in Sydney but yesterday a cool change came through with some rain as well so better luck today, This set was from a tip-off from someone that posted a shot the day before, so I know where to look today, thou they looked a little worse for wear today compared to yesterdays shot. On the plus side today I went out and found mushrooms for the week so all good.

    • This week's Mushrooms shot was taken today in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, not too many about today, still a bit warm thou there was a storm last night, Today in the Gardens I was checking out some locations for tomorrows workshop I'll be running in the gardens, seeing what was about and what was in flower around the gardens, so all set for tomorrows workshop now.

    • No mushrooms found this week, So something different this week, A shot of a Shoom bought at a local market Then a bit of lighting added.

    • This ones taken a bit further afeild, drove an hour up the Blue mountains from home as I'd seen a few Shrooms being posted on the Instagrams up there, So drove up there and came across this one, so worth the drive.

    • Somehow I failed to follow this conversation way back when so it was a nice surprise to see all the new and incredible photography. Ever since you joined Cake, I've noticed mushrooms everywhere I go and their strange beauty.

      Here is one I had to take with my iPhone while out running in the hills so it's not the photography you consistently produce, but I never would have stopped and noticed this beauty if not for your photos.

    • Yes it gets like that @Chris all of a sudden you start to see them everywhere and wonder were they always there and I'm only just noticing them now or are they really just appearing now. nice shot, nice and low to show of the gills. water droplets on th eclover as an added bonus, I've got a little spray bottle for that if I want waterdroplets and they are not there at the time, the only issue with using that is some mushrooms actual swell up when you spay them and as you focus stack they are moving between shots, you wouldn't think so but you soon find out when you start to process them. Yes there was a few new images there for you to discover. I try to add one a week. Have fun there.

    • This weeks image is one from last week, as I didn’t find any this week, I did look but still a bit on the hot side here even thou we're supposed to be moving into Autumn here. Temps still above 30 Deg C here. This one was taken in another Botanical Garden but not my local one, but one a bit further a field 40 Minutes Drive from home so not to far this ones near the coast so cooler weather down there.

    • Not as fancy as you think. One brown gel on the right that’s all. But then I play with white balance to bring back the brown which in turn turns the shadows blue. The green was the grass. So only one gel the second speedlite was ungeled I’ve used the different colours on some others thou. Not to often. Also used Topaz impressions on the background and masked back in the mushroom for this shot.

    • Wet weekend here, So didn't manage to get out wiht the cameras this weekend, today we had 55mm of rain here, Very welcome rain but enough to prevent me getting out and shooting this time. Thou may get an opertunity tomorrow when I get home as there were signs of some little Mushrooms coming up in the front lawn, so maybe tomorrow night I'll get a chnace in the mean time heres a shot from a while back to keep the mushrooms coming.

    • Bit of rain out this way this week so the Australian Botanic Gardens, at Mount Annan were alive with Mushrooms today. Got a great collection, while out scouting for tomorrows bird photography work shop there, looks like going to be a small group of only four this time, but small groups work well. This one shot in normal daylight using two off camera speedlites. Behind the sceens shot to follow in the next post.

    • AS you can see shot in a reasonbly bright location, just a matter of droppping the exposure in manual mode and aplying light from the two sources to suit your taste. This was growing on the bark pathway so luck no one had placed a foot on this one before I took the shot.

    • It's just so amazing that incredible shot came from the setting you showed. I would never have guessed before you started this conversation.

    • Little Mushroom shot today in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, south west of Sydney, there were plenty about today, so a good day for Shrooms not Autumn is here, Bit of rain agian this week and cooler temperatures. This one almost apears to glow as the lights fom two speedlites hit it.

    • That does seem to glow as if it's a lampshade lit from within. Now that would be challenging light for you: figure out how to place little LEDs inside the cap.

    • Another Saturday and another Mushroom shot. Sort of reminds me of an observatory dome or communications dome possible even on a seperate planet with a bit of imagination on this one. Its only a little one about 15mm Dia just over half an Inch for those that use the Imperial system.

    • I always look forward to Saturdays because I hope for more schrooms from you. I wasn’t disappointed this weekend. 🙂

      However, it’s getting to be spring here so lots of flowers for @Denise but no mushrooms. Luckily, on my run through the forest yesterday I found this. Is it a mushroom?