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    • Glenn_Smith

      Welcome to Cake Satruday Mushroom Shooters, For years a Theme has been running on Google plus Called +ShroomshotSaturday This theme has been ran by +Patti Colston and her merry band of mushroom friends for many years now, I know this as I’ve posted nearly every week now for way longer than I care to mention, But I will say that these themes have produced some great work over the years and has certainly been a key driver for my photography, Each Saturday I head out with the cameras to shoot a Mushroom shot for the Saturday post, and whatever else I fins along the way, over the years with this weekly practice my photography has improved and a lot of that can be put down to the weekly Google plus themes. Over the last week Google announced it is putting an end to google plus and in ten months time it will be no more, So Anyone using Google plus needs to find a new home for their work. In my case I have my own website these days so I can happily live there, however, knowing the joy and benefit I have gained from the weekly challenge and practice I think it would be terrible if these sort of Challenges disappeared, and others don’t get to gain the benefit I have. The Shroomshotsaturday is only one theme there were many on Google plus, and also Communities that also had regular challenges to keep people active and developing. So with the upcoming demise of Google plus the google plusers need to find a new home and Cake is certainly a possibility, Cake is not Google plus so has different behaviours to it, but is certainly a possibility, so to test out the waters I’ve started a conversation for Shroomshotsaturday and to kick things off here’s a definite Shroom shot this morning in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan, This ones been processes a little different to normal a little less realistic and more surreal but after this week at Google plus why not. Feel free to post any Mushroom shots you have here, but the idea here is each week to post a shot taken on Saturday if possible, Its not always possible so a shot that week will also be OK, With luck a few of the regular Google Plus Shroomshotsaturday will post here and well see how Cake handles this sort of a weekly challenge. Good luck and welcome to Cake everyone. Enjoy.

    • Muffintop

      Well done Glenn, Good Luck. I 'll have to scratch around in the garden for some current images but for tonight I'll share one I baked earlier and say goodnight. zzz

    • Malachi

      This is one of the first pictures i took when i got a hold of my first DSLR. All the mushrooms in my area are on temporary leave now that the weather is getting colder.

    • Glenn_Smith

      yes not always easy to find them, we’ve been in drought here for months, so been hard to find out this way. But I can usually find them all year round here. Thanks for joining in the fun of shroomshotsaturday.

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