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    • Welcome to Cake Saturday Mushroom Shooters, For years a Theme has been running on Google plus Called +ShroomshotSaturday This theme has been ran by +Patti Colston and her merry band of mushroom friends for many years now, I know this as I’ve posted nearly every week now for way longer than I care to mention, But I will say that these themes have produced some great work over the years and has certainly been a key driver for my photography, Each Saturday I head out with the cameras to shoot a Mushroom shot for the Saturday post, and whatever else I fins along the way, over the years with this weekly practice my photography has improved and a lot of that can be put down to the weekly Google plus themes. Over the last week Google announced it is putting an end to google plus and in ten months time it will be no more, So Anyone using Google plus needs to find a new home for their work. In my case I have my own website these days so I can happily live there, however, knowing the joy and benefit I have gained from the weekly challenge and practice I think it would be terrible if these sort of Challenges disappeared, and others don’t get to gain the benefit I have. The Shroomshotsaturday is only one theme there were many on Google plus, and also Communities that also had regular challenges to keep people active and developing. So with the upcoming demise of Google plus the google plusers need to find a new home and Cake is certainly a possibility, Cake is not Google plus so has different behaviours to it, but is certainly a possibility, so to test out the waters I’ve started a conversation for Shroomshotsaturday and to kick things off here’s a definite Shroom shot this morning in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan, This ones been processes a little different to normal a little less realistic and more surreal but after this week at Google plus why not. Feel free to post any Mushroom shots you have here, but the idea here is each week to post a shot taken on Saturday if possible, Its not always possible so a shot that week will also be OK, With luck a few of the regular Google Plus Shroomshotsaturday will post here and well see how Cake handles this sort of a weekly challenge. Good luck and welcome to Cake everyone. Enjoy.

    • Well done Glenn, Good Luck. I 'll have to scratch around in the garden for some current images but for tonight I'll share one I baked earlier and say goodnight. zzz

    • yes not always easy to find them, we’ve been in drought here for months, so been hard to find out this way. But I can usually find them all year round here. Thanks for joining in the fun of shroomshotsaturday.

    • This Saturdays shot taken in the back yard this afternoon, After a few months of hardly any rain the last week or so we've finally had some, which has bought the mushrooms out, these fungi were growing out of one of the trees in the backyard that didn't fair so well in the drought.

    • This Saturdays Shroomshotsaturday was taken this morning in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, south west of Sydney. A quick trip into the gardens today as this afternoon I was shooting the Centenial park "Swamp monsters" event, So busy day here today. Tomorrow I shoot the Halloween plant bank party. Next weekend should be back to normal so a chance to shoot for myself again. In the mean time heres todays shot, Focus stacked from 31 seperate images.

    • 31 images!! Hooley Dooley no wonder they are awesome, so much effort and care put into each end product. I admire your devotion to the subject.
      I posted my submission under the main topic sorry not in this thread. and because my phone doesn't support rich text I am unable to link it. Me bad 😢

    • All good, I still showed up in my feed so all good, Yes its a bit of work but not as bad as it seems once your set up its just move the focus a fraction shoot again, move focus and shoot, the editing is pretty much automatic in photoshop auto align followed by auto stack, done deal, so not as painful as it seems but certainly gets the depth of field. Got three seperate shroom shots today so a few spare for the odd week I don't find any. Have fun there.

    • And heres the behind the scenes shot for this set up, as these were so large the camera had to be back a bit further then the usual tiny ones I have, but this shot gives you an idea of the actual lighting conditions , always intersting to see what it was like to what the shot turned out like, the magic of speedlites.

    • This weeks Shroomshotsaturday was taken this afternoon in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan. Lucky to find any today yesterday we got to 38 deg C here and today it was around 36 when I took this so bit warm out the last few days, still mid spring here so looking like a hot summer coming up here this year.

    • @Catalyst I really need to get up the mountains one day, I've yet to get a shot of these ones yet. Thou probably the first image that comes to everyones mind when they think of mushrooms, These ones usually are found under pines, looking at the ground litter in this shot looks like it was also under a pine. Never find any under my pines in the back yard and the are 5 there all well over the 10m mark. Theres a few spots I've been told about at Blackheath that has them reguarly after rain if we ever get any of that. Great find.

    • It is a bit hit and miss - and very much depends on temperature and humidity. These are relatively new imports into Australia - and hang up in the pine forests of the South East. I do not know why it has taken refuge at the Anglican Church in Majors Creek - but the town has a bit of a reputation for living on the edge. I have heard some pretty bad reports of illness there following non-filtered eating of the Fly. The 'shroom itself has an interesting history - apparently it is legal? in most American states (been reading about it in Robert Evans "A Brief History of Vice" - which is both hilarious and a bit more informative that the usual general sources).

    • Today’s Mushroom shot for Shroomshotsaturday was just snuck in with ten minutes to spare before closing time at the gardens, I arrived at 1:00 with closing time at 5:00 and 4:30 I finally found todays Shroom shot. So even with the hot dry weather here I managed to find one, another unexciting one but a bit of post processing brings it to life a bit, giving it that mystical feel to it. The golden light is coming from a gel over the speed light to give it that warm light. You can create also of effects with gels and you can play around later with white balance to change the colour balance of the backgrounds, plenty to play with here and see what fun can be had after all that’s what it’s all about fun.