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    • This ones taken a bit further afeild, drove an hour up the Blue mountains from home as I'd seen a few Shrooms being posted on the Instagrams up there, So drove up there and came across this one, so worth the drive.

    • Chris MacAskill

      Somehow I failed to follow this conversation way back when so it was a nice surprise to see all the new and incredible photography. Ever since you joined Cake, I've noticed mushrooms everywhere I go and their strange beauty.

      Here is one I had to take with my iPhone while out running in the hills so it's not the photography you consistently produce, but I never would have stopped and noticed this beauty if not for your photos.

    • Yes it gets like that @Chris all of a sudden you start to see them everywhere and wonder were they always there and I'm only just noticing them now or are they really just appearing now. nice shot, nice and low to show of the gills. water droplets on th eclover as an added bonus, I've got a little spray bottle for that if I want waterdroplets and they are not there at the time, the only issue with using that is some mushrooms actual swell up when you spay them and as you focus stack they are moving between shots, you wouldn't think so but you soon find out when you start to process them. Yes there was a few new images there for you to discover. I try to add one a week. Have fun there.

    • This weeks image is one from last week, as I didn’t find any this week, I did look but still a bit on the hot side here even thou we're supposed to be moving into Autumn here. Temps still above 30 Deg C here. This one was taken in another Botanical Garden but not my local one, but one a bit further a field 40 Minutes Drive from home so not to far this ones near the coast so cooler weather down there.

    • Awesome! Are you adding colored gels to get the different colors of light? Here's my shot from this week. So flat compared to yours.

    • Not as fancy as you think. One brown gel on the right that’s all. But then I play with white balance to bring back the brown which in turn turns the shadows blue. The green was the grass. So only one gel the second speedlite was ungeled I’ve used the different colours on some others thou. Not to often. Also used Topaz impressions on the background and masked back in the mushroom for this shot.

    • Wet weekend here, So didn't manage to get out wiht the cameras this weekend, today we had 55mm of rain here, Very welcome rain but enough to prevent me getting out and shooting this time. Thou may get an opertunity tomorrow when I get home as there were signs of some little Mushrooms coming up in the front lawn, so maybe tomorrow night I'll get a chnace in the mean time heres a shot from a while back to keep the mushrooms coming.