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    • 40 deg C plus, out today, so pretty warm out, same yesterday and again tomorrow so a bit warm down here the last few days, the rest of the coming week is all over 30 Deg C. So not great for finding shrooms about, I did manage one shot today, but not overly excited about it so here's another one from last weeks shots. Take in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan Southwest​ of Sydney.

    • Happy new year to all. First Mushroom shot of the year, Unfortunately, it was not taken today, thou not from lack of trying, but 44 Deg C. here today there wasn't any Shrooms to be found or that much in the way of bird life for that matter. on;y me out walking around with a few cameras. At 12:00 when the Temp hit 44 Deg I called it a day and came back. So this shot is one from Monday this week, Where I did manage to find one. This shot you can see how its pushed up the earth with the ground a the base showing the damage the shroom caused with some of the dirt still on the top of the cap, to the right you can see the tiny white dots these are the spores being released captured by the backlight of one of the speedlites. Best Viewed large to see the details.

    • That time of the week again when another Mushrrom Shot on Saturday goes up. This one taken today in the Australiaan Botanic Gardens, Moutn Annan. Another Warm Day out there, But a few afternoon, Thunderd storms has bought and the Shrooms today.

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