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    • A little later in the morning we found a juvenile, strongly back lit in a dead tree

      1Dx Mk II with Tamron 150-600mm at 600mm. significantly cropped, f8.0, 1/1600th, ISO 800

    • Here is another mature bald eagle lofting from a dead tree limb, backlit by the bright sky. All in all, a great day on the river, especially for the 4th of July. It is great to see the return of the bald eagle to Indiana.

    • Liking the first and third images a lot. No, more like 'loving' the first and third images, and liking/appreciating the middle image.

      Appreciate the rich colors, especially the yellow beaks on the mature raptors.


    • I loved that juvie, but it just was surrounded by dead timbers on all sides - I really wanted a cleaner, simpler view for it. The branches that pass across its breast just could not be avoided, because if we tried a view more from the side, there were more branches that were worse. This was actually the best view through a tunnel of dead limbs.

      Still, its a pretty nice looking juvie, isn't it, with its tongue hanging out like a puppy dog. I wonder if it might have been due to the heat, I don't usually see their tongues like that in my images from Alaska.