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    • Just this weekend I had a conversation with one of my friends about drinking coffee in the morning. She never really started drinking coffee until recently and have found it to be uplifting and moving (things through your body...). However, there is a downside of coffee being too harsh on her stomach with the acidity making it uncomfortable at times. She wants to continue her routine of having a cup each morning but how can she negate the stomach pain?

    • She could try brewing with an alkaline water with a higher ph to offset the acidity. Caution though, that water that is too alkaline might lead to increased scale in the coffee maker if it's an automatic type.

    • Wow, I haven't heard about using an alkaline water to offset the acidity. Thank you for the tip! Does that change the taste of the coffee though?

    • Personally, I think the added minerals in the higher ph water adds to the flavor of most beans. I tend to gravitate toward darker roast though, like Sumatra, Kenya, Guatemala, and espresso. I can't comment to anything lighter than those.

    • I've had lots of problems with the acidity in coffee. Some things I've found that help:

      1. Espresso has lower acidity, so drinking that over drip coffee can help a lot. It is also low effort if you have something like a Nespresso.
      2. I've found that volume is a big deal too. If I take the same espresso, and then cut it with hot water to make it an americano, but the time I'm done I'll be feeling the acidity. Even though I'm fine with just an espresso.

    • If she doesn't eat breakfast or doesn't eat much for breakfast, this might be causing the discomfort. Coffee activates the production of stomach acid, and if that's all that's in her stomach morning after morning, it can cause some severe damage to the stomach lining and intestines. That would explain the pain. Make sure she eats a decent amount with her coffee before trying other remedies.

    • I start each day with a double esspresso or if at a really good coffee shop I'll have a ristretto.
      Never had any discomfort.
      It's a good way to get the hit without the volume.
      Stir it just prior to drinking helps hold the cremma in the coffee rather than have it all sitting all on the top and ending up stuck to the side of the cup.

      Then follow up with a small glass of water a few min later.
      The europeans always serve espresso with a small glass of slightly sparkeling water, I prefer still.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and tips everyone!

      It seems like having at least some snack before or with a cup in the morning should help with the stomach acid. Now I also want to try making coffee with an alkaline water. Lastly I wonder if the method of preparation of the coffee (french press, drip etc.) or the type of a roast (light vs dark) might also influence acidity? 🤔

    • If she grinds her own coffee then try larger grind size as it will counter the acidity. Also, simply use lower coffee/water ratios. I would also strongly suggest having a cup of water after waking up. That should protect the stomach.

    • I have the same issue and have found that cold brew coffee (which you can heat if you like) has very little acid. I also really enjoy white coffee - more caffeine without the acid or the jitters. I get white coffee at Dutch Bros but that may not be where ever you live, I have also found it on amazon and make it in a french press.

    • If you look into it make sure it is actual white coffee and not just called white coffee.
      this is the stuff I get from amazon. The flavor is mild and nutty but not coffee-ish so be prepared.

    • Cold brew coffee has worked for me as well. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. I also learned to never drink coffee on an empty stomach (after 40 years of doing just that). Breakfast first, then a cup of cold brew . . .

    • I find that hot coffee in warm weather causes a lot of heartburn. Iced coffee, however, does not seem to have the same effect. I'm not sure why, but if I switch to iced coffee in late Spring all my problems are gone.