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    • Hi There -

      I am Warren and I have been looking at taking my very first adventure ride on a small CSC-TT250 motorcycle, with my wife on the back. I have a year into planning this, many notes, websites, gear suggestions, how I figured out my budget, and so many other things. I will start to post info and findings here.

      Once I am closed to actually getting ready, I will post on advrider, and instagram. hope some people will chime in and laugh, clamp, and smile when things work out

    • Paul,

      I have been reading your webpage + found lots of great info + good ideas. Your budget helped me figure out my own expenses, and your other pages I haven't gotten all the way thru.

      I plan to take a Chonda 250cc, ride it two-up in the southwest of the USA, to total about 5,000 miles riding over 30 days.

    • Hi Paul -

      I really love your site. I have been reading and considering some of gear to use, but the $900 tent is out of my price range. lol.

      I actually have about 30 stops or more to see in the Southwest. I am not sure I will be able to visit all of them, but most of them. Most stops and sites are in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Places such as JOSHUA TREE, a museum in LA (to see the SR71 and space shuttle), the ocean in LA, PCH/Hwy 1, SANTIAGO PEAK (which might take one day). There are a couple of ghost towns along the way as well. Many things are just driving through like ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST or SAN BERNARDINO FOREST. The two major stops are SANTIAGO PEAK (thanks to EachAdventure on YouTube) and TITUS CANYON. Those are the two have to to do's. VEGAS is in there along with a stop in MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE (there is a thing called a desert tube there). If I can get up to LEE VINING, there is a stop there which also include a 10,000 ft mountain (apparently the only 10,000 ft a person can ride up in the USA), BODIE STATE PARK and then zip down to TITUS CANYON.

      In Utah, stop to see a friend in St. George (not EverRide - a different friend), ZION NATIONAL PARK, and maybe SALT LAKE CITY (if there is time and money). The north rim at the GRAND CANYON is in there as well. I want to stop at Moab, UT (just a drive through no stopping or camping). I would love to drive the WHITE RIM TRAIL, but I will not have time - dang. Then drive thru MONUMENT VALLEY, drive to 4 Corners, stop and see SHIP ROCK - looks scarry. Then on to PIKES PEAK, and stop in BOULDER to see my nana. Finally off to ST LOUIS to see my brother (which this 400 mile stretch might be done with a rented truck), then home to Minnesota.

      Yes, this will be done a 250cc with a pillion (my wife). Crazy - yes. Sore- yes, but it is the only way in which I can do this at the moment. In 2021 I will be able to upgrade to a bigger and better motorcycle. I am not currently sure what I would go with, but I have a few ideas, which might include building my own. Something small(er) and custom versus what the pros use (ie BMW or KTM). Mine might be a 450cc size custom build. Might be less hassle to just go all the way for a used GS for $10k'ish, but I will have to see what the wife says.

      I have been reading several blogs, websites, and videos of people who have done similar long distance rides with a 125cc or 150cc and found their stories inspiring. Its pretty crazy I know. But since most of the world uses smaller bikes, I felt this is doable.

      My wife does not currently know how to ride solo and for a 1st ride, she does not want to ride that far by herself.

      I am writing a book about what I have learned so far (in regards to preperation and planning) and then include a journal of the 30-day adventure with pictures. Not looking to sell a zillion copies, may like 10 copies...or a strong 5.

      I have a small budget and will be camping most of the trip, but there are some hotels and friends along the way.

      The biggest stunt for this trip will be using a chinese enduro. Wowzers.