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    • So I went to the grocery store this morning, because this is my perpetual message from Instacart:

      The grocery store just felt tense. Masks, gloves, avoiding people. Most items were fully stocked except some of the staples.

      The bread isle looked sad:

      When I got to produce, more sadness and rationing the lettuce. Which suddenly prompted a thought: wonder what the farmer's market is like? So I skateboarded there.

    • Oh my God, it was like going to heaven. The produce was farm-fresh and awesome. The air was fresh. There was so much room to space out.

      They had hand washing stations, hours for the vulnerable, chalk circles on the ground to keep everyone spaced in lines.

      Hand-made fresh tomales with complimentary salsa!!

      Fresh-baked and utterly awesome bread! We scored today and hopefully helped some farmers.

    • The people density was perfect. No one got closer than 6 feet. I get the feeling that farmer's markets are where the health-conscious are, unlike the grocery store this morning where lots of people and cashiers were maskless and crowded me.

    • Grocery shopping is so different now. I went to the grocery store today and was very uncomfortable there. About half the people were wearing masks, no one wearing gloves other than me. There was an employee cleaning and sanitizing shopping carts as I entered the store and there were plenty of wipes which was good to see. The employees all had masks but not all of them were wearing them correctly. The cashiers were but in the deli there were three people, one wearing his mask over his nose and mouth correctly, one wearing her mask over her chin but not over her mouth and nose and the third wearing her mask over her bottom lip and chin. People in the isles stocking shelves had masks but the same as the people in the deli with how they were being worn or not worn. There was an announcements every so often about keeping distance from other shopping and using the shopping carts as a measure. Two carts between people. Yet as I was in line to check out the lady behind me with no mask was right up behind me. A employee asked her to step back then asked me to follow her to a stand that she opened and checked my groceries. The high point of my shopping trip was finding toilet paper on the shelves. I Scored a 12 pack of toilet paper!

      Before I went to the grocery store I drove along the local walking/biking trail that runs next to the river. The trail is about 6 feet wide and there were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine. It made me smile to see the parents out with their children. Unfortunately, I didn't see one person wearing a mask. As people pass each other on the trail they are fairly close, certainly less than 6 feet and breathing hard while getting exercise propelling whatever germs they might have for other people to breath in.

      Just when I think people are being careful I realize not everyone thinks the same.

      My next grocery shopping will take me to the Farmers Market for fresh fruit and veggies.