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    • I think I've mentioned this before - but I want to bring it up again, because I just had this problem again:

      There's a panel conversation going on that seems to have an interesting topic. Reading the first handful of posts in the conversation, a question occurs to me that I'd like to ask one of the participants.

      Then... what? How do I proceed from there?

      Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to proverbially raise my hand, as I would do in a panel discussion in the physical world. I could start a separate conversation and mention one of the people who are allowed to post into the panel conversation - but that sounds inelegant and chaotic. Similarly, the panel moderator could start this second conversation and ask for questions there - but that wouldn't be much better.

      As it stands, I'm just reading through a conversation that feels less like a panel and more like an interview that might have better been presented in edited form instead of this public back-and-forth between two people.

      Don't get me wrong, I think that this panel idea has great potential - but it currently seems to lack an important detail, which is related to the three different roles that typically exist for physical world panels: a moderator, a number of panelists, and last but not least the audience.

      In my opinion, any panel should actually consist of two separate (but connected) conversations.

      1. A public one, where moderators and panelists are allowed to post, and everyone is allowed to read.

      2. A private one, where everyone is allowed to post (and see their own posts but not those of others), but only the moderator can read all posts.

      That way, we would have an easy way to participate in a panel. Just post in the private conversation, and wait for a moderator to approve our post - at which point it would appear in the public conversation.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to put this feedback together! The great news is we're working on a solution that will help address this and we'll hopefully have it ready to share with the community here on Cake soon, so stay tuned.

    • I’ve felt similar, both as a moderator as well as an audience member.

      @Victoria asked a great follow up question of one of my panelists last weekend and I would’ve loved more audience questions. But I think the whole privacy thing in submitting questions is a good point, both to prevent troll-like behavior during panels as well as to allow audience members to privately submit questions on sensitive topics.

    • Great feedback @Factotum and @apm! We are working on the design of such features for panels. This is important for us to get right as the experience for panelists and the audience asking questions requires different interactions. We want to make it simple for both, which is always hard to do. However, we’ll figure it out! 😉