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    • What luck! A visit with family in the Philadelphia area last week coincided with Orchid Extravaganza at Longwood Gardens. I took a few hours and headed to Longwood to enjoy the many varieties of orchids living in the conservatory.

      I'm amazed at the varied shapes and colors of these beautiful flowers.

      To start, here is a Lady's slipper wearing intricate patterns.

    • I don't know the names of most of the orchids but I do know that they wear eye-catching colors!

    • This one reminds me of a lady's slipper but I believe it is a different variety. It looks (to me) like it has big ears!

    • Thank you!

      The photos were all hand-held. I've never been much of a tripod-user - I prefer hand-held but I will sometimes use a monopod.

    • Denise, you’ve inspired me to share my own little garden of orchids. A couple of years ago my girlfriend started it as a single pot of orchids in the kitchen which has grown into five distinct varieties.

      It brings us joy every morning as we make breakfast and coffee:

    • This was the first orchids that started the “kitchen garden”. It was much smaller back then with just a couple of flowers.

    • Each orchid has a slightly different pattern and color. We wanted them to all be unique and complement each other.

    • The purple color of these orchids is hard to capture right, but they always stands out from the bunch: