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    • Denise, you’ve inspired me to share my own little garden of orchids. A couple of years ago my girlfriend started it as a single pot of orchids in the kitchen which has grown into five distinct varieties.

      It brings us joy every morning as we make breakfast and coffee:

    • This was the first orchids that started the “kitchen garden”. It was much smaller back then with just a couple of flowers.

    • Each orchid has a slightly different pattern and color. We wanted them to all be unique and complement each other.

    • Beautiful orchids and gorgeous pictures, @Denise! Longwood is such an incredible place—these photos reminded me of the time I got to spend there last March. What an amazing experience!

      This thread also reminded me of yesterday’s (?) “Fresh Air” program. They interviewed a researcher who has been studying resilience in children. He named the resilient ones “dandelions” and the fragile ones “orchids.” :)

    • Thank you @lidja! If I lived in the area I would visit Longwood often. It's always good to find time to see what is in bloom there.

      I love the names you shared from "Fresh Air", they seem to fit.