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    • Can I cheat and say the Olympus E-M10/pancake prime or zoom?

      I have a good reason for saying it because I bought one to replace my Canon G1X point and shoot and it's literally just a few mm off in size while providing a bit more flexibility by being able to put on a prime when I need a faster lens. And if I went for one of the PEN models it would be even smaller.

    • I suspect P&S means different things to different folks as Paul and others have alluded too.

      I’m in Pathfinder’s camp.  To me a P&S is a small footprint camera, non-interchangeable lens, which fits easily into a shirt or coat pocket.  It doesn’t need any accessories, simply a stand alone product.

      Having said that, I have been tempted at times to purchase a sensor P&S but have yet to do so. 

      I have 3 film P&S which I thoroughly enjoyed using;  a Leica C1 and two Olympus XA2 range finders (one always had chrome, the other B&W in the camera). 

      I would like to have a new P&S and following this conversation closely as well.

      In-so-far-as and iPhone is concerned.  I have had very good success with sensor manipulation on my iPhone 11 using the 645 PRO app.  I first used the app on my iPhone 6s and was pleasantly surprised.  I am even happier with the app/results on the 11.   I don’t think it replaces a quality P&S. yet.  But having one less gadget to carry might is a consideration.