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    • While it's interesting I wonder how awkward it will be to hold? How thick is it? I suspect 2 generations down it will be different.

    • I should really not comment till I've actually used one, but I'm pretty sure this is not for me. Baroque excess. Six cameras? Three simultaneous (tiny) windows? $2k? Nah, good design is simple and and this is not. I don't mean to dismiss the engineering accomplishments, but I don't really see the need this is addressing--it's more like "because we can."

    • I think it is a necessary first step in the nascent history of folding phones. This is a first generation product and as such is bound to be pretty rough around the edges. But getting it out in the market and into people's hands will held them get feedback and improve it over the next few generations. And while being first doesn't guarantee that they will continue to lead in this space, it will definitely give them an edge over other competitors. Smartphone evolution is pretty fast and I think it would not be outrageous to say that 5 years down the line foldable phones might be the norm. Of course, it could also crash and burn and maybe people will go back to using flip phones instead..