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    • I got this colorful glass feeder from Amazon, filled it with the electrolyte hummingbird fluid they also sell, and hung it in the back yard where we could see the hummingbirds out the kitchen window.

      But we're not on hummingbird Twitter and so the word didn't get out and we got no hummingbirds.

      So I hung it in the front yard among our purple flowers that they seem to love so much and oh my God, giant sucking sound. Gotta order more of that fluid. When my new Canon and 800mm lens come, if they ever do, I'll take some hummingbird pics.

    • Even with IBIS, I'll bet the 800mm F11 will do better with some strategic bracing, rather than handheld. I chase my butterflies at home with lenses from 600-840mm equivalents and find them pretty mobile until I rest something on a stable platform, even if its just a thick pillow on a window sill. B&H says my R5 won't show until late October now.

      Canon M6 Mk II w EOS 400 DO shot from a bedroom window

      Olympus M1X with Oly 300 f4 + 1.4 TC -> 840mm equivalent at ISO 1600

    • There is a great 1 hour video about hummingbirds by Richard Attenborough on Amazon Prime titled “Hummingbirds”.
      @Chris you’ll love the high speed filming - just a great long look at hummers, eating, flying fighting and mating