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    • Even with IBIS, I'll bet the 800mm F11 will do better with some strategic bracing, rather than handheld. I chase my butterflies at home with lenses from 600-840mm equivalents and find them pretty mobile until I rest something on a stable platform, even if its just a thick pillow on a window sill. B&H says my R5 won't show until late October now.

      Canon M6 Mk II w EOS 400 DO shot from a bedroom window

      Olympus M1X with Oly 300 f4 + 1.4 TC -> 840mm equivalent at ISO 1600

    • There is a great 1 hour video about hummingbirds by Richard Attenborough on Amazon Prime titled “Hummingbirds”.
      @Chris you’ll love the high speed filming - just a great long look at hummers, eating, flying fighting and mating