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    • Just got back from 8 days adventuring in Southern Florida. The primary task at hand was to camp out at Dry Tortugas for two nights allowing me to paddle a kayak rental over to Loggerhead Key which is 3.1 miles each way if you paddle straight. LOL Heading down to Mexico today for ON SALE dental work on the other side of Yuma so I won't be able to do my own personal blog post on the trip until next week. BUT, last week it was hotter than hades and even the Park Rangers were commenting on the heat. There was no one else kayaking over to Loggerhead on Wednesday so I got rolling by 8am.

      The kayak rental folks are experience, punctual and provide good gear and a debriefing before you leave Key West. They provide you with a waterproof radio and instructions on how to declare your trip status, etc.

      Wednesday morning was HOT, NO WIND and moderate seas. The current was moderate requiring more paddling than normal. This is the view as I was about 1/4 mile from leaving Ft. Jefferson.

    • I only brought my Olympus TG-4 and mistakenly forget to "lock the doors" and once I got to Loggerhead, found out salt water had found it's way inside the camera. There was no one on the island and for a measely 3.5+ mile paddle I was surprised I was kind of tired already. Combination of the beat-down from the sun and the solo aspect made it mostly a physical task. I walked around the lighthouse and jumped back in the kayak and headed back to base camp. About mile 5 I was really having to coach myself. I am no longer Mr. Studly Tri-guy and have been paddling on the Colorado River but this was tough for me. It seemed that damn Ft. Jefferson would never get closer. LOL I finally made it back and it took me 70 minutes to get over to Loggerhead Key and about 100 minutes to return. I was able to take a nap in the 96degree 88% humidity temps in my tent but after an hour I had to seek shade refuge in the fort. I found a window portal and the very slight breeze would funnel through in the shade and I sat there for a couple of hours which allowed me to full appreciate how those soldiers 150+ years ago had to wear full wool uniforms with very little food and fresh water.

    • Here is Ft. Jefferson as we arrive on the ferry....the trees area is where the campers setup. 90% of most people just come over for the day. Only 10 camping spots. Believe it or not, I had to change my dates by one day and reserve this back in November.

    • you should've kept paddling and gone to Havana for a Mojito. In all seriousness hell of a task, I read adventure in S. Florida and said to myself, yeah right, but have corrected that to wow!. I used to live in FL and never knew about this place thanks for the education