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    • Ajo Art is a collection of art around town, the majority of which is accessible to the public. Over the past years, Ajo has evolved into a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, artists, bird watchers, environmentalists and star gazers. Combined with its history as a tri-cultural copper mining town, Ajo’s eclectic nature and diversity are expressed in a wonderful display of public art, community art, and outsider art. Click here for a self-guided tour of art around Ajo.

    • Some people think that this community was named “Ajo” as a reference to the spanish word for garlic – wild garlic plants did grow in the surrounding hills at one point.  The Ajo Chamber of Commerce believes that since this community was originally settled by the Tohono O’odham Nation that the indigenous peoples used the term “au-auho” for the pigment obtained from the ore-rich rocks.

    • I recently picked up the Laowa 12mm zero-d is an full frame e-mount but I had it on my a6300. About 15 yards from the front door...just a couple slight tweaks in LR. Amazing!

    • Driving back to Yuma after a long 300 mile day I was a little disheartened that I had not collected the stellar images I had hoped for....but, as the sun had set, you realize, at least out west, how awesome it is to be able to drive all day long and never really have to battle any municipalities. The great outdoors and then some.

    • Wow! Thanks for this trip report - Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has been on my list of places to see for a long time. You make me realize that I need to make a visit happen.

    • Great write-up, thanks! I had to ask Google Maps to show me where this is. I had no idea about bats pollinating cactus and the comparison between the pamphlets in Arizona and Mexico were fascinating.

      I wonder what it does to the locals who don't work for the government to have a shutdown? Fewer visitors that buy things in their local stores?

    • I do think that sans a government shutdown, this would be an interesting place to car camp for a couple of days to get settled in and explore the wildlife available. Obviously May-Sept is not the ideal time. hahahahhhaha

    • Hey Chris....

      Interestingly other outposts like this you sort of expect the local government component to have a big influence on the economy....even with the shutdown, border patrol was strong and I believe that does account for a significant influx of $$'s spent. Hotel rooms, meals, etc. The rest are retirees eeking out a simple life. My gut tells me that Ajo is probably what Santa Fe was like 40 years ago. All it takes is a couple of celebrities to fall in love with this outpost and then it becomes a destination.