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    • Wow! Thanks for this trip report - Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has been on my list of places to see for a long time. You make me realize that I need to make a visit happen.

    • Great write-up, thanks! I had to ask Google Maps to show me where this is. I had no idea about bats pollinating cactus and the comparison between the pamphlets in Arizona and Mexico were fascinating.

      I wonder what it does to the locals who don't work for the government to have a shutdown? Fewer visitors that buy things in their local stores?

    • I do think that sans a government shutdown, this would be an interesting place to car camp for a couple of days to get settled in and explore the wildlife available. Obviously May-Sept is not the ideal time. hahahahhhaha

    • Hey Chris....

      Interestingly other outposts like this you sort of expect the local government component to have a big influence on the economy....even with the shutdown, border patrol was strong and I believe that does account for a significant influx of $$'s spent. Hotel rooms, meals, etc. The rest are retirees eeking out a simple life. My gut tells me that Ajo is probably what Santa Fe was like 40 years ago. All it takes is a couple of celebrities to fall in love with this outpost and then it becomes a destination.