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    • I gave Joe Biden some advice going into tomorrow’s final debate by joining his pre-debate focus group. Click here to join. Below is the advice I gave him. Thoughts?

      “Biden needs to show he isn’t willing to take crap from anybody. 

      I’ve already voted for Biden and Harris, so I’m all in. But I think for some undecided voters, it would really help if Joe showed that he has strength. One way to do that is not let Trump’s bulling tactics work. Fight back and call Trump on the carpet when he acts out of line.

      I’m a member of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a lifelong Democrat. One of my cousins out in Utah, voted for Biden. This was his first time voting for a Democrat in his entire life. He too is LDS. 

      Personally, I think Utah is a state Biden could possibly win. Not likely, but I think it’s possible. If Biden talks about his faith and mentions how Trump allegedly made fun of Mitt Romney’s religion, that could open up a possibility to win the LDS/Mormon vote. Just a thought!”

    • Someone from a swing state posted a pic of the political ads they're getting and that, more than anything, caused me to think maybe that's why two sides have not been able to understand each other.

      Being in California, the candidates don't spend time or money here. Same for the other places I travel for science or tech conferences, like New York and New England. Looking at the ads in the photo I just couldn't believe the saturation marketing about immigrants coming to take your jobs, politicians being corrupt, Covid is a nothingburger, yada. No wonder people are angry there and support Trump.

      Here in Silicon Valley, it seems half the population are immigrants, from the CEO of Google to Elon Musk and a zillion scientists and engineers who help innovate the cameras in our iPhones and video conferencing software. I think most people feel they are wonderful because they appreciate the U.S. and don't have the sense of entitlement many third-generation Americans have. They are not freaked out by things like universal health care because so many of them had it in the countries they came from and saw how well it worked.

      I think Romney is particularly good at understanding both sides because he was governor of Massachusetts and he is the inventor of Obamacare. Obamacare is simply an effort to bring Romneycare to a national level.

      I do feel Joe understands both sides but I have no idea what to tell him because I don't have exposure to all the ads the swings states are getting. They just seem like toxic anger to me.