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    • "While many users are abandoning Facebook, fed up with what seems like a never-ending series of privacy violations, a small cohort find themselves in the opposite position. They’ve been kicked off the platform, and no matter how hard they try — and they try really, really hard — they can’t get back on."

      Frustrating stories here about folks whose Facebook accounts were disabled and what they have tried doing to get those accounts back.

      Facebook says it is trying to get rid of the "bad actors" who have "fake accounts." So they did a major purge in May and disabled more than 3 billion accounts that they thought were fake.

      But the poor people featured in this article were innocents who cannot get any help from anyone at Facebook to fix their account. These are mostly sad and unsuccessful stories of folks getting no customer support from Facebook with only a couple of successes.

    • Maybe a little off-topic here (the article is behind a pay-wall, so I didn’t read it), but I actually had a conversation with a friend yesterday about whether a Meetup group we help administer should shift to Facebook and if the majority of the 275+ members would likely migrate. The flocking away from Facebook became a topic of discussion and a cause for concern. The cost of Meet-up and the glitches in its platform were on the other side of the argument. We could not find an agreeable solution...

    • Welcome to Cake, Angie. 🎂

      I suppose the most troubling thing about this is how hard (impossible) it is to get through to Facebook’s or Google’s customer support (do they even have it?) I know several people who were banned from one of their accounts, including me for Premium YouTube and YT Music accounts I paid for, but there seems to be no way to get a human to help.

      That’s something I’ve long respected Amazon for, you can usually get help.

    • I personally -hate- Meetup more than I do Facebook which is saying something. I think since EVERYONE got the memo on how to monetize everything from what color shoe strings you prefer to your religious affiliation ( or, none) they are all evil. But, I have seen some people going back to Yahoo groups...I doubt they have ANYTHING better to offer. Heck, things might get so bad that AOL might make a comeback. hahahahah

    • I rarely use my desktop/laptop for anything but work. On my own time I am a cell/mobile phone person all the way. Meetup’s phone app is very clunky: blank screens with dead ends, messages not broadcast to the whole group, incomplete data accessibility, notifications that are errors, loading photo snafus... it is especially difficult when trying to help administer a big group as one can never be sure the whole group is getting notifications and is able to see the most recent information. I really do not like the platform.