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    • Cesch,

      All I can say is, WOW. You are a very inspirational person. I loved reading about your journey as I am in the process of switching over to Ferris State University to earn my degree in Elementary Education, too. I can agree, education is not for everyone. I loved your slide layout and the transitions you used. I also just loved your story. I am also inspired by the struggles towards finding your true destiny. You are a very inspirational person and have a great future ahead of you. Banking is a wonderful career and takes an honest, hardworking person to do it. The only suggestion I can find is a few grammatical errors throughout the report. But, you did an amazing job with this report.

    • Hello! Great job on your presentation! Your story is perfect for the false start project! I really like the pictures you chose and the way that your communicate your journey with the reader! I also thought, as a young student starting out, that your story was encouraging. Even if I don't have everything figured out right now, I can still find my calling! I'm so proud of you for going back to college! Way to go!

      If I could add anything to your presentation, although I think it's great the way it is, I would add some kind of short video clip or music of some kind.

      Great job and I hope that you continue to enjoy your work at the bank!