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    • I've lived nearly half a century... where did the time go? Holy cow! Just like exercising, hitting the items on your bucket list sometimes seems impossible with daily life. You have to make time, make money, make it happen. Some people seem to do it with such ease, where others (like me) struggle with it. It's so easy to dream about it....

      New York


      (Check!) Maine Coon

      (Check!) Cuckoo Clock from the Black Forest(Germany)

      Become Fearless

      Kumbh Mela

      (Check!) EDC

      Become a successful/famous photographer

      What's your story?

    • After a half-century plus for me, I'm one of those that's had opportunities to do 'lots' of things, it's just that four letter word W O R K got in the way for over 35 years.

      However, a question. Your first items "New York". I'll presume you're specifically mentioning "The City"? An interesting place; my wife has family that lives on Long Island, so I've been there twice, but only for the day. A person definitely would need to dedicate a few days' to do it properly.

      Work did allow me the opportunity that I would have never had to go to Japan for two weeks. Tokyo was amazing!

      I *did* check off an item on my (short) bucket list earlier this year! Riding a motorcycle (even if it was for 15 minutes...) in every state in the lower 48.

      My blog documented a lot of the pre-ride setup, and the ride after it happened. Since it was a 'bucket list' item, I did a bit of research about that term. Per the Wikipedia entry of that term, a person will have twenty items on their list to be completed throughout life.

      You've obviously completed *some* items in those prior four plus decades, besides those you listed. What were they?