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    • As I write this Cake post, lightning is currently lighting up the Bay Area skies. It’s windy, it’s warm, and quite honestly, it feels like some mad scientist is trying to recreate what life is like on the planet Venus. I’m perhaps exaggerating a bit, but the thunder is getting louder, the sky is getting brighter, and perhaps even more alarming, perhaps it’s my imagination, I feel a slight electrical charge in the air. Anyone else been in a crazy lightning/thunderstorm like this?

      This is definitely the most wild one I’ve experienced in all my years living in the Bay Area. At least from a pure lightning perspective. It’s weird. There’s little rain, lots of wind, and lightning illuminating the sky. Pretty wild. Perhaps a sign of climate change or just a fluke? 

    • One other interesting detail is to see the progression from a little bit of lightning (I wasn’t sure if it was lightning at first), to a full blown lights display! Once again, this is pretty wild for the Bay! 🌩