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    • There are points in life where everything pivots. We've all experienced them. Sometimes they're good (s/he said yes, new jobs, passions) and sometimes they're not (s/he said they're done, new jobs, passions). Sometimes they're disguised as someone making a simple suggestion that changes the trajectory your life is on.

      Today, for example, I was looking at MeWe where I saw a post by a developer here on Cake. So, I whipped up a profile real quick to see what the fuss was about. I pivoted.

      In this article (, the author talks about how her life's path changed when a stranger in a bookstore recommended a book she wasn't considering.

      Now, I read The Eye of the World long before 1997. In fact, I might have been in Jr High or maybe a Freshman in high school when the book came out and I grabbed the trade paperback edition off the shelf because ... it didn't look like other fantasy books. I remember wanting to read something that wasn't a Tolkien ripoff that followed the same tired tropes and this promised something similar but different. Strangers, destinies, young people swept up into a world much larger than they were expecting and the fate of the world left up to prophecies. Sure, it followed the groundwork laid by stories for generations, but then the books veer off considerably: multiple story arcs, a trove of protagonists, threads (if you'll forgive the pun) spinning, intertwining and creating a vast tapestry that's wonderful to experience. Then there are the parallels between the Judeo-Christian mythos.

      Needless to say, The Wheel of Time is definitely worth reading if you like your fantasy long, complex and intricate.

    • It is a series worthy of a serious reader. Strong in-depth characters and more story arcs than any series has a right to have. At times (books 4-6) it an seem overwhelming, but it's good and, I think, redefined modern fantasy, thus paving the way for Game of Thrones as well as other more character driven books.

    • Jason, I'm very happy to see you here. I have to confess that I was the one responding to your comment on MeWe. Hope you'll like what we've built here and I would love to continue our conversation and if something doesn't work right or confusing, please ask.

      Welcome to Cake 😉.

    • Forgive the potato quality, but it's dark in here right now.

      WoT holds a special place for me. I'm on my eighth read-through now, and between the rich complexity of the world and the length of the epic saga, it always feels like the first-ish time.

      I told @Chris last night that still prefer old fashioned books despite the ubiquity of eReaders. This series is one of the reasons why.

    • I used to have all of those, too. Most in hardback except for the first book which I bought before the series was allowed to be printed in hardback. A few years ago I donated by 750+ book collection to a small rural library system.