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    • LinkedIn does this as well, which is weird. I always get a bunch of Happy Birthday wishes from people I've never met. Do I need to reciprocate? lol.... I never do, but I guess it doesn't hurt anything to have some well wishes in my inbox.

    • Ha! My answer to the Facebook birthday reminder dilemma is never wishing anyone a Happy Birthday (except my kids), and hiding my own birthdate so no one is ever reminded of MY birthday. (I think of it as an extra kindness I extend to all my “friends.” Heh.)

      Honestly, those birthday reminders have always felt like a lighter form of the “cut & paste this on your status” malarkey I also never do.

      Bah humbug.

    • Twitter is bizarre in that they tell you to tweet your “Twitter Anniversary” to your followers. What’s an appropriate gift for a 5th anniversary on Twitter?

      I surprised a friend by celebrating his “Twitter birth date” with an official birth certificate like this. @JazliAziz