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    • What else do you do on a lock-down Sunday?

      Several boxes of redundant technology that I've kept (hoarded) 'just in case' (Hey! I have backups of my backups) went in the bin.

      There were tons of 9-pin video cables, telnet cables, splitters, coaxial cables and the power cables from just about every computer, monitor and printer I've owned since the mid 80's. Receipts, statements, owners manuals from tech that's long failed and work notes from the 90's to the turn of the century - gone.

      Some things I did keep for old time's sake however that do have some sentimental value.

      The full set of Aldus Pagemaker 1.0 floppys, same with Photoshop 1.1.

      Backup copies of Excel, PowerPoint and Lotus notes v1.0 to 3.0 on Floppys.

      There is a 14.4 Modem and a 28.8 Modem and a 'massive' 32gb SD Card from a bit later too.

      You kids today have no idea how frustrating some of this tech was - or how life changing.

    • Wow, that’s some fantastic stuff you kept. I have stories of the people behind all those products; I know most of them well.

      You could probably fetch a decent price for that stuff on eBay. The oldest version of Pagemaker I see is $75 for Pagemaker 3.0.

      I sell a lot of my olde stuff there. I’m about to do a big purge of camera gear to make room for new.

    • Yeah - I could sell 'em - but they are like my Quicktake 150 Camera. Markers on the journey.

      I got retrenched from the Corporate Building Company where I was working in the Marketing Dept in the early 90's. So I took over the lease on the Centris 610 I was using, bought their old Software and went into business for myself.

      I've been working as a Freelancer ever since. It hasn't been half as interesting as the stuff you've done, but it has been a pretty good ride. Every now and then I look at the old junk and smile inwardly a little bit.