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    • My wife has the Amazon Prime account in the household, and I did set it up on the Roku, but I don't believe we have actually tried to watch anything. Most of my television viewing these days is sports-based. I suppose this is reason number one why I've not (yet) dumped DirecTV.

      Hmm, perhaps you may want to check out the free sports programming on Amazon Prime. As well as some of the paid channels—they may have MLB packages cheaper than on DirectTV.

    • I do have an Amazon Prime subscription because it is very cheaply priced in India and bundles Prime Video and Amazon Music

      What shows on Prime are you currently a fan of? Did you watch the first season of Jack Ryan? (I have yet to start season 2, so no spoilers!)

    • The Prime India library does not have all the shows and movies that the US library does, I assume due to some issues with rights. We do have Jack Ryan since its an Amazon original but I haven't seen it yet. Amazon is doing a great job of developing local content using actors based here, plus their social media team (at least on Instagram) know how to keep themselves part of the conversation.

      They reached out to a lot of stand up comedians from the local scene and gave them their own 1 hour specials. I enjoyed a couple of those. Currently, I am halfway through Modern Love and I am absolutely loving it. The episodes are short and sweet and they have done a brilliant job of portraying the different kinds of love that people can feel for each other. I binged through four episodes on a Saturday and I might just finish the rest of the episodes tomorrow!

      You can have a look at the trailer below and decide if it's intriguing enough for you. 📺

    • How many streaming services do you currently subscribe to?


      We have Cable which my wife watches significantly more than me. I often go for days without turning it on. When I do it's 90% to watch sport.

      But as the landscape changes and the price of the cable subscription keeps going up, the number of channels keeps decreasing and the movie content keeps looping in ever decreasing circles - the time for ditching it is fast approaching.

      Maybe a NBA league pass might be in order but I spend most of my viewing time watching hokey old stuff on You Tube anyway.

    • Welp, it's getting pretty crazy in this space, that's for sure. I think it's a win for content creators right now. The spend on new content is unreal. Netflix's spend for 2019 is something like $15 billion. Amazon $6 billion, Apple $6 billion, HBO $14 billion, Hulu $2.5 billion, and Disney is going to $2.4 billion on streaming original content by 2024.

      Anyone want to collaborate on a script?

      I once collaborated on a short film script experiment with a UCLA film school professor and another screenwriter. A different person wrote the tag line, outline and script. We did three scripts that way so that each person contributed a different piece to each project. It was amazing to see how my tagline would be transformed into an outline very different from how I envisioned the film and then it was transformed again by the designated writer of the script. Collaboration is a powerful thing and one of the best products of putting a dozen comedy writers in a room is the 2000s movie Rat Race. Watch for five minutes at any point in the film and you realize how much effort goes into writing and rewriting and rewriting a comedy movie like that.

      Hmm ... according to @Shewmaker , Scrivener has a scriptwriting feature set.