Welp, it's getting pretty crazy in this space, that's for sure. I think it's a win for content creators right now. The spend on new content is unreal. Netflix's spend for 2019 is something like $15 billion. Amazon $6 billion, Apple $6 billion, HBO $14 billion, Hulu $2.5 billion, and Disney is going to $2.4 billion on streaming original content by 2024.

Anyone want to collaborate on a script?

I once collaborated on a short film script experiment with a UCLA film school professor and another screenwriter. A different person wrote the tag line, outline and script. We did three scripts that way so that each person contributed a different piece to each project. It was amazing to see how my tagline would be transformed into an outline very different from how I envisioned the film and then it was transformed again by the designated writer of the script. Collaboration is a powerful thing and one of the best products of putting a dozen comedy writers in a room is the 2000s movie Rat Race. Watch for five minutes at any point in the film and you realize how much effort goes into writing and rewriting and rewriting a comedy movie like that.

Hmm ... according to @Shewmaker , Scrivener has a scriptwriting feature set.