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    • I think there is moral absolutism and YouTube (and others) should definitely moderate everything. There is a ranking of "Good Ideas" and "Bad Ideas."  Examples of a Bad Ideas are Neo-Nazism and Anti-Vaxxers. Examples of a Good Ideas are gardening and science projects. There are thousands of these sorts of ideas, and they can be ranked by intelligent and cultured people. Yes, they are going to offend and upset people, but people are already upset! The Silicon Valley culture tries to offend as few people as possible, but this is not realistic. If they really want to help people, they should do everything they can to share good ideas while they eschew the bad ones. 

    • Well, I think the future of photography is probably going to be 360 or 180 degree photos. People will be wearing AR / VR headsets to engage in media in the future, and the more immersive the photo or scene, the better. Now, 1 billion people now flick their finger along a shiny rectangle. But it won't be like that in 5+ years. There's plenty of room for creativity around the new mediums.

    • I guess you mean Yin vs. Yang? Well, I think it's a lot like life. Life is chaos. There are nonstop problems, challenges, and issues that you don't expect. Life is about bringing order to that chaos. If you can bring a little bit of order and peace to your life, it's better, right? It's the same way with Social Networks. You can allow them to increase the chaos in your life or, if you choose, you can use them to increase order in your life. You can have more love and awesomeness in your life if you choose to. Just pay attention to what causes you anxiety and either deal with it or push it out of your life. Social networks can be a great proxy for this.

    • Yeah! You know, I see so many people on Instagram slamming their perfect life in your face. Really, if it was perfect, they wouldn't have to tell you. It's a desperate cry from their ego for you, loser, to recognize their awesomeness. I have MANY awesome and perfect things happen in my life, and I don't share them on social media. The only reason to do that is purely egotistic and it speaks to a hollowness, or a lacking, in the person that does it. I don't need anyone to acknowledge or agree that I have good stuff happening in my life. When I DO share good stuff, it's in the effort to inspire and encourage others to do the same thing. There's a big difference between bragging and inspiring.