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    • Well, I can tell the truth, if you want me to. I'm just being honest, and this is possibly my own interpretation. I was raised by my mom and sister, so it made me extra-empathetic. This means I'm pretty good at figuring people out.

      Let's start with Mark. I've only spent a few hours with him. In fact, at a Hackathon, I took a photo of him that he used as a profile photo for a while. I liked him. He's a nice person. However, like many brilliant people, he's a kinda high on that Asperger's scale. We're all somewhere on that spectrum, so that's okay. However, the more you slide on that scale, the less empathetic you are. It's hard for people that are way far along the scale to empathise with people that are on different parts of the curve. I believe this is why Facebook and Instagram are making decisions that are deleterious to the psyches of normal people and why we see an increase of anxiety in over a billion people. Facebook and Instagram could do so much more to increase happiness and meaning in people's lives. 

      Sergey Brin, on another (not the other) hand, is one of the kindest and most loving people I've ever met. He wants to help humanity. He definitely thinks about the big picture. I believe in Google because I believe in him. No, this is not a paid post for Google. :)