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    • Yeah, this is a good plug for Cake (unpaid, by the way!). The future is about having conversations. Look at great podcasts hosted by people like Sam Harris, Kevin Rose, Russell Brand, and so many more - these are long conversations about interesting subject matters. After you listen to these discussions, you come away with more clarity of thought and ideas. The world is inherently chaotic. Facebook and Instagram can add to that chaos and the chaos in your own mind. Conversely, platforms that allow for more erudite conversations are perfect antidotes. 

      Now, to the more pointed question of getting a significant footprint on social media. I would not worry about that so much. Take whatever you create and put it on all social media, new and old. There's nothing wrong with sharing your creations and thoughts. Engage with the right people that respond to you. You don't need millions of followers. For reference, I advise you read Kevin Kelly's "1,000 True Fans" at