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    • A few months back I was talking with a friend in the Bay Area about a story we had read about someone commuting into the Bay Area from Bend, Oregon. He was a pilot and flew in in a private plane. My friend made the observation that Tesla Auto Pilot was a game changer for that. Once it got to the point where you could sleep or work in the car while it drove, then all of a sudden it opened that kind of lifestyle to everyone.

      Today I read this interesting article that really takes the possibilities to the next level. He was right, he just didn’t take it far enough.

      Man, as if my generation wasn’t screwed enough when the boomers die off and destroy the housing market, if this hits about the same time, we are going to get it from both sides!

    • I'm (supposedly) weeks away from picking up my new Tesla Model 3, and this kind of thing is a big reason why I'm buying it.

      I think it'll still be a few years before something like you describe is really feasible, but already I'm excited about the prospect of Autopilot reducing my stress level in heavy traffic and helping me feel less fatigued on road trips.

      I enjoy driving, but sometimes I just need to get somewhere. I can't wait until it's possible to let the car take care of the boring stuff while I relax and save my energy for the fun stuff.

    • Sounds lovely. except this article took me to a dark place. I can't help but think the happy version of this story is the opposite of how things play out.

      Do we all become nomads where no-one is from anywhere, sleeping in moving beds in boring super tunnels and in that scenario do we lose all the culture and does that leave us with anywhere to visit?

      or maybe the robots take over and we just hang out reading all the books while enjoying our universal very basic income.

      i'm going to go have a warm cup of coffee now :)

    • Tesla Auto Pilot is not a game changer. It is no more than a fancy cruise control with a name that unfortunately promises more than it delivers. Don't get me wrong... it's a good cruise control that can mostly keep your car in its lane. It's great for keeping the car doing the right thing during momentary driver distractions on the freeway. It is not autonomous driving.

      My experience is with the first version which got everyone excited and raised expectations to unrealistic levels. I use the traffic aware cruise control part often. I use the autosteer part rarely. Version 2 cars have a lot more hardware. Musk says they have enough hardware to eventually be autonomous. Others disagree. I'll wait and see.

    • person’s expectations from the name

      I totally agree on the expectations the name sets. Calling it Autopilot doesn’t seem fair to the consumer and I wonder if it makes some owners feel overly confident.

      At the same time they probably don’t want to rename it. The optics of a rename may be that Tesla is failing to bring a fully autonomous car to the market, which isn’t necessarily true. It’s just going to take time.