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    • This is a neigbor cat that spends a lot of time in our yard. Recently she got curious enough to come in the house. We call here BC, short for Butterfly Cat. When we first noticed her as a young cat several years ago she was chasing a butterfly.

    • It's a quote attributed to the French director Jean Cocteau: "I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul." I haven't found a source citation for that, but I find the attribution plausible, since there are a bunch of photos of him like this:

      J'aime les chats, parce que j'aime ma maison et qu'ils en deviennent, peu à peu, l'âme visible. Une sorte de silence actif émane de ces quelques fourrures qui paraissent sourdes aux ordres, aux appels, aux reproches.

      This longer version adds 'A sort of active silence emanates from these furry somethings, who seem deaf to orders, to appeals, to reproaches.' Yup, that's cats. :)

    • Hi Chris!! :)

      Moonie weighs in at about 15lbs. I wish he was bigger!! LOL

      He's smaller than a regular Maine Coon... but it's because he's not full. He's got a little ghetto in him. :D

    • This is my cat Karma. He can be very sweet, but he's a feral rescue, and when he doesn't get something he wants he bites. Hard. He draws blood. I call him my bitey boy.

    • Although I have been called catty I am not a cat person perse', but my sister is the opposite, this is her cat Honey, this cat is evil pure evil.

    • thank you much! i could not believe how calm my cat was when i shot this with my strobes firing off. she is the more skittish of my two cats and she was a champ through the whole shoot

    • My brother had a cat named Daisy who would attack any human but my brother. She absolutely loved him, a one-man cat. Anyone else -if you got anwhere near her she'd swipe at you and draw as much blood as she could. Vicious beast, that one.

    • I can't imagine what kind of cat besides a trained show cat would put up with that. A strange space! That smells like other cats! While a weirdo touches you with tools! *hiss scratch hiss*