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    • Please post your best Black and White photos of the day. Where did you take this shot, and is there a story behind it? What camera and settings did you use?

      Swans floating near Mont-Blanc Bridge in Geneva, Switzerland. Unafraid of tourists and more than happy to snag some free food. They are magnificent birds that bring memories of childhood, where our city pond had a flock of swans, and I was always eager to go see them.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f2, 1/5000, ISO 100

    • Awesome picture, as always! I wish there was a way to tell just how large those icebergs are, like a point of reference. One day, I'd love to see an iceberg in real life. For now, these pictures will do.

    • For reference, the nearest mass is probably at least a 100 feet tall. The tunnel in the far iceberg was close to 80-100 feet tall - easily large enough for the mast of our sailboat to fit within it and it was probably close to 300 feet long - actually I have another closer image with a Phantom P3 flying through the opening to give you a bit of scale - it can be seen here - Look for the little white mass at the top of the tunnel to see the drone flying. One could not try to pass through the opening for fear tons of snow and ice might fall on you, AND there was submerged ice beneath the water level

    • Here's one in B&W to show the scale of some of the smaller bergs in the ice field - notice the 20 foot long Zodiac in the distance next to the iceberg = you will have to click on the image to enlarge it to see the Zodiac - it is pretty tiny in the image.

    • These were some of the smaller ones - there were ones many city blocks in size and easily 100 feet or higher. Some were literally kilometers in size, but not in the ice fields we wandered through in Zodiacs.

      Here's one from the west coast of Greenland with a humpback whale tale for some scale. One doesn't often get this kind of proximity of subjects

    • You can see icebergs along the coast of Newfoundland, frequently from small boats in Alaska, and sometimes along the coast of Maine.

      Or one wander about Greenland or Svalbard, or other icelands in the northern Arctic Ocean; or head south to Antarctica.

      I have not been to Antarctica.