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    • As my first post I figured I'd elaborate on my hobby as to whats on my mind at this moment on the subject of photography. Prepare for the randomness. ------

      Man this photo needs a foreground.. I think.. well maybe my flair is the foreground.. hmm.. I'm glad no one will realize my horizon was off about 45 degrees, how the heck was I holding my camera anyway.. oh wait.. the hill was tilted about 45 degrees for real. I'm sure there was a tutorial I listened to somewhere that said no one likes a tilted horizon even if it was that way, I think maybe it was Jay Patel..

      I'm looking forward to attending some free photography seminars held at my local camera shop. I hope they spend more time teaching that trying to sell me something. I really need to attend a paid workshop. But how do you know if its worth the money, it's not to far below or above your skill level, hmm.. What the heck is my skill level? Oh no!.. It's that that dreaded loop I get stuck into again, that makes me not take a paid workshop.. arrrr!!!.

      Okay closing the inter dialogue for now.

    • More internal ramblings.
      I wish my potential photography client would get back to me. We couldn't agree on a weekend shoot so I offered to a weekday evening shoot after I get off work. The days are getting longer and the light will be wonderful. Then nothing. I'm wondering if it was the weekday offer or that I posted my prices in that email.. We may never know.

      I really need to get back to still life / micro-stock photography. I like not having to deal with people. I have little book full of ideas I write down when I think of them I just need to do it... Maybe I'll watch tutorials on how to do it.. wait no.

      Back to editing..