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    • Making a living...doing nothing!

      It amazes me in some cities around the world some of the street performers who act like statues can do what they do for as long as they do it...doing nothing.

      I was sitting in a bar on Bourbon Street, New Orleans watching this guy, he never moved for more than 30 minutes, I tried and couldn't hold this pose for maybe 15 do you train for this?

      Wondering why you would do this, all you had to do was watch the steady stream of cash that was dropped in his bucket.

    • This one just stood still, people would poke him take photos with him and stuff money under his shirt. He was the mascot of the local Morelia, Mexico football team. At first I never really noticed the eyes, I thought he was just made of rubber...nope!

    • Stilts obviously, actually no, my angle is bad and it looks like this person has feet, they are actually floating, holding onto the stick.

      There was a bucket close by for cash...btw the hands never moved

    • He just never moved, I have never heard so many people utter the exact same line in such a short time..."how the hell...?"

      Trafalgar Square, London, England

    • He only moved when the money piled up on the table, very reminiscent of a few statues dotted around the town in Mexico, his make up was superbly impressive

    • Nobody ever saw him move, they stood and watched in massive crowds on a very small back street in Taxco Mexico, the police were constantly moving people on...this IS a statue

    • I had almost forgotten the street performers on the Westminster Bridge when I was in London in the fall of 2011, but your post reminded me of them, and I stillhave a few frames of them. Like you, I wonder how in the world they do what they do.

      Sometimes they are stationary, right up until they put a knife to your neck..

      You can see the cowboy in the silver hat in the background in both images. The tourists seemed to love these street performers on the bridge as they waylaid folks trying to cross the Thames

      The silver suited look was common, I saw several like that and I see that one in your images too.

    • Taking advantage of a situation

      A group of men stood close by with a bucket for cash donations telling people he would not move because it was his art

      We will give him the cash later, people dropped money in the bucket, took a photo and left, the men smiled and said thank you

      This is a STATUE, it was a temporary piece of Benito Juárez in Oaxaca Mexico