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    • Wikipedia lists the 84 motorcycles it thinks have the best 0-60 times. The Ducati Diavel is listed at #2, going 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. The one I tested was not that slow, though. It has Ducati’s performance exhaust option.

      As I pulled out of Ducati’s HQ, Alex Frantz of Ducati shouted, “you’re going to get a lot of attention on that.” Did I ever. Everywhere we went in San Jose to take photos, people would gather around, asking us to take photos of them with the bike, wondering what it was. It defies description, and that’s by design.
      I felt badass, like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner and I sounded it too. 

    • Ducati says they wanted to disrupt convention. It means they wanted to merge the best qualities of superbikes, sport nakeds, and cruisers. They say they took inspiration from muscle cars, comic book heroes, and tech.

      That fat back tire makes it look like part dragster:

    • I’ve rented cruisers a few times when I travel and they weren’t for me. I don’t like the feet-forward position or the handling. Honestly, I was tainted enough by the experience to think I wouldn’t enjoy the Diavel like I did the Multistrada a few days before.

      But the Diavel is not like the cruisers I’ve been on.

      From the moment I hopped on, it felt like a sportbike you could push in the corners. 

    • I got curious about that 0-60 time right away so I put on protective gear and found my favorite freeway onramp when there wasn’t much traffic. I told myself the Diavel has all the safety electronics — traction and wheelie control, ABS, a deep-dish seat to keep me on the bike, even clutchless shifting. I owned a BMW K1200RS for years, which was a rocket, so I could do this, right?

      Oh my God. I went like a nuclear-powered maniac and just…couldn’t…get my brain synapses to trust the electronics enough to keep from rolling off the throttle a little. This would take some practice somewhere isolated.

      Maybe the decibels coming from the performance exhaust helped intimidate my brain. People from miles around must have wondered if the freeway had been converted to a dragstrip.

    • Having felt like an onramp poser, I found a lonely stretch of 3-lane freeway where a few cars averaged 75 mph. I’d roll open the throttle in various gears, starting at 60, and just like that I’d be going, um, faster than the cars. It felt like I didn’t accelerate; I was transported to the future at warp speed. I wonder what the cars thought. 

      About that exhaust. Ducati describes it as unleashing the roar. No kidding.

      I must have started the bike 30 times for people who came up to admire it. Each time, their eyes would go wide and they’d smile. The sound is so incredibly sexy. You feel it in your chest.
      Then I’d give it a quick rev. They’d take a step back. Eyes wide again. It’s really loud. I don’t know, do loud pipes save lives? Or do they just make drivers and neighbors mad? I love the look of the exhaust and the sound at idle, but it was too loud for me with throttle. 

      Fortunately, the DP Termi exhaust comes with a set of removable Decibel Killers. They were removed on this bike. I’m sure my normally agreeable passenger would make me re-install them. Here’s what they look like:

    • Speaking of passengers, it’s not a touring bike but Toni was comfortable for an hour in the twisties. We didn’t take pics but I snagged this screen grab from Ducati’s site:

      The mini backrest and saddlebags are options. 

      It takes some finesse to ride with a passenger while negotiating hilly hairpins like we were, because the bike has so much power and compression, even in urban mode. It’s easy to rattle the passenger with sudden surges after slightly feathering the throttle. I hardly remember using brakes because the engine has so much compression.

      But the look. The style and finish are so spectacular. Everyone stares and smiles.

    • This one also has Ducati’s DP Rizoma Levers, DP Rizoma Mirrors, and DP Rizoma Frame Plugs.

      Would I buy one? No, because I want Ducati’s Multistrada. Would I rent a Diavel? Oh yeah. Will I covet it like I do classic Nortons? For sure.

      I had a Multistrada 950 S for three days and will write my impressions on Adventure Rider soon.

    • That bike is so damn cool!

      The instrument cluster looks pretty clear to me in the photo, but...

      How does it look in direct sunlight?

      Is it too bright at night?

    • I call it 'instant bammm'. Even the Multistrada has is. The lag between twisting the throttle and the moment it surges forward is undetectable. Instant bamm.

      A word of caution though. If you do buy a Multistrada you will also be disqualified from passing judgements on the aesthetic appeal of motorcycles.

      Remember it came from this:

    • FWIW the Multistrudle is the fastest and best handling ADV style bike I tested.

      110mph on a dirt road is still PB.

      Closely followed by a Tenere 1200 (Which would also earn an aesthetic demerit)

    • I had this one for a while. It's a magnificent machine with genuine track day performance. In the end I was kinda glad to give it back.

      Here they take your licence off you for tapping it out about two-thirds of first gear - and like Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist anything but temptation."

      It's the more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow thing.

    • I want to savor reading your post a little later....but, my mind is blown by the nature of your thread...OMG

    • Yeah, TFT displays are seriously bright in daylight. It's not like your phone in direct sunlight that sends you looking for shade or making you take off your dark glasses; these displays pop no matter what.

      It goes into night mode when you go under freeway overpasses or the sun sets and looks like this:

    • I agree with you Chris a new Mulistrada would be awesome I was given a 1200 Multi enduro for a weekend two years ago its a brilliant bike.

      I must go and test drive a Diavel.

      I had one of the first Multistrada's in OZ I loved that bike.

      I took it everywhere, from memory I think we did 85 000KM on that bike in 20 months.

      Adam as Staintune used it to develop the Sataintune exhaust for that model it had a wonderful sound.

      I added the Ohlins rear shock which came on the later "1100 S" model.

    • Oooo, awesome, Russ!!

      The first time I ever saw a Diavel up close and personal, I was with @gorudy at the Ducati showroom in New York and damn I wanted to steal it:

    • I've never considered a cruiser style of bikes because of the foot forward seating thing, I tried it once and hated it. Your diagram and the pic of the couple two up shows the seating position on the Diavel is way different from what I thought it was.

      I like an upright seating position. I must try one. I'll give my mates at Ducati a call and get one for a weekend. I'll report back.

    • Nah - 1200 was the last I had a decent fang on.

      BTW - it takes a few days to get the cruiser-feet-forward mojo - then it feels very comfortable. To go quicker you use more 'bum action' and slide off the saddle.

    • I think with the new 1250 GS you may beat your PB on dirt, the new motor is incredible, the power is linear, you cannot feel or hear the shift cam working.

      The torque through the power band is amazing.

    • It's weird.....if I hear a poorly tuned Harley that has cut it pipes just to sound loud, in my mind I do a "tsk tsk"....but, if I hear any Ducati or sport bike with a Yosh or equiv I get giggly. Even though I live in an urban area (Summerlin), on occasion I hear guys racing their sport bikes up and down Flamingo at 3 am...and, it woke me up but I LIKE IT.

      So, I can only imagine based on your "professional" experience that for this can to get you excited must be magnificent! Aesthetically, I like the sort of butch cut look to it....the Zook Gixxers and many of the standard sport bikes nowadays have these huge cans that looks like they got it in a cereal box.

      I hope I can to hear one of these roar around my hood someday. GREAT PICS.

      Thanks for sharing your dream day with Ducati!

    • ever since I first saw, and heard, a ducati 916 with a set of Termi's, I have loved Ducati's.

      That is a genuinely original bike and so different from the current trend for retro cafe racers. I don't use this word often but it is genuinely awesome !

    • My mate has just purchased a 950 multi and we are going riding next weekend, I hope to swap for good test ride. I'm looking forward to it.