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    • New CBS/YouGov Poll has Sanders ahead of Biden in New Hampshire. This represents a +7 points improvement for Sanders compared to the previous poll. He is also tied with Biden in Iowa.

      This video 👇 circulating on social media isn’t helping Biden’s cause as a “moderate.”

      Especially when Paul Ryan’s fiscal policy, implemented with the 2018 $2 trillion tax cuts, is to starve revenues and increase military spending beyond what is required; and then use the resulting deficit as an excuse to cut Social Security and other liberal government programs.

    • If you’re a polling junkie, you might find Real Clear Politics to be a good curator of recent political polls: you learn that you should never rely on one poll to determine your assessment of who the front runner is. In the most recent Harvard-Harris Poll, for example, Biden is ahead of the competition by over 10 points. Polls typically have a statistical margin of error of +/- 3 points so a 10 point lead is significant. Other polls listed have Biden in third place (see photo). But look at the point difference between Buttigieg and Biden: it’s less than the 3 points margin of error, which means I wouldn’t put much faith in Biden’s third place status or Sanders’s first place status for this poll.

      Numbers can be deceiving.