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    • It seems like side hustle apps are getting big and a winning strategy is to stack apps. You add a side hustle to your side hustle. You drive for Uber and Lyft but you add Amazon to deliver packages for them and Roadie for stuff not coming from Amazon.

      So if I want to send a box of stuff from my home in CA to my father-in-law's home in Utah, I just call up someone going that way and they come get it. Sounds easier than dropping it off at the post office. Anyone tried it?

      Apparently, they have commercial deals with companies like Delta for lost luggage. You drive somebody to the airport as an Uber driver, then add a baggage or two as you depart from Roadie.

    • The idea seems good, but I wonder if it's safe. What if someone hands malicious parcels or finds other means to misuse it. As a driver I'd not be interested in making a profit at any risk.

      Here's an extreme example ;-)

      ..though I would not turn down reasonable offers if they involved riding my motorcycle to interesting places!

    • It's intriguing enough that I signed up. My location in the middle of nowhere doesn't help the odds but I travel a lot and it wouldn't hurt my feelings to throw something in the back on my way. It seems like a brilliant idea that most businesses around here already do, only by word of mouth, Locally we've also lost several UPS locations and Post Offices so I could see this becoming rather useful.

    • I'd love to know how it goes for you. I installed it too and looked at available gigs, but there didn't seem to be many on the west coast where I live. The only one in northern Cal was a houseplant move to Chicago. Seems like a big traction problem of getting enough activity going.

    • I used it to ship a bunch of boat cushions from SC to TX. I had quoted the shipping based on what UPS quoted me, but then when I tried to get that promised rate no one knew how to apply it. Turns out they quoted me an internal rate that they them refused to honor. I tried everything: FedEx, USPS, DHL, LTL, etc. but there were no options under 3x what I had been quoted, and I basically would have spent all the profit on shipping.

      I found Roadie on Google, signed up and had an accepted offer in an hour, driver showed up the next day as promised, and 2 days later the cushions were in TX. I've tried to use it again, both as a shipper and as a driver, but it hasn't worked out. Then again - I'm usually travelling in a small vehicle or airline, and the stuff I deal in is heavy.