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    • One only. Taken by you. Decide which is 'the one'. Usually the hardest part.
      Post more than one and you are lame :-)

      Tell its back story if you want. Just post the pic if that's all it needs.

      Cover shot is a Royalty Free image from

    • I like the context in this one. It's for an EV opinion piece in Heavy Duty Magazine.

      Nikon Z6, Nikkor Z70-200 f/2.8s at 165mm, 1/2000, f/3.5 ISO 400.

    • For the past 10 years I have tried to come up with my favorite 10 or 12 from the year, and that is hard. You're so right, choosing only 1 is really hard!

      This one appeals to me as a contrast, urban art in the form of a mural accented by a bit of trash, a parked car, and an individual walking. The mural, in Salem, MA, was painted by jeks ( and is titled "The Fish Bowl".

    • Long story;
      San Francisco enjoys lighting up it's landmarks in different colors for different reasons. The week is EMS Week, and several landmarks were lit blue. Coit Tower for example, in the middle of the picture, and Salesforce Tower off way above the right horizon. This picture, BTW is a just barely #1 over the picture I took earlier in the week of Coit Tower at night, with the drone.

      So City Hall was to be lit with Blue Lights for one night only and I was lazy to drive the hour in to get the picture, instead opting to go to work extra early the following day and capture it before sunrise. I stopped at a known super-cheap gas station in Marin County on my way in and suddenly, at 4:30 in the morning my phone starts blowing up. Not literally, figuratively, with text after text from the dispatch center in SF telling me there's a working fire. Then a Second Alarm. Then a Third and finally a Fourth. No further alarms were pulled as there was no room for additional equipment on the pier.

      As I crested the Waldo Grade and made my way down to the Golden Gate Bridge the column of smoke was unmistakable, even in the dim morning light. Immediately I knew there would be no pictures of City Hall. I went straight to the waterfront. As the sun came up, I caught a few great pictures and some video.

      This picture is a 5-shot HDR.

      Then I went to the station, put on my gear and went back to relieve the crew from my station who were already there and going off duty.

    • This is my pick for the year for those that follow my weekly ShroomShot Saturday feed will have seen this one earlier in the year it was a toss up between one of my Waratah flower shots and a couple of Mushroom shots, this one wins out for me, Happy with the lighting on this one, the postprocessing worked well on this one, it all came together for this shot.

      Focus stacked from a handfull of images using a Canon 60D, two off camera speedlites.

    • Oh. My. God. As I contemplated what I might post I looked at this and thought whoa, how can anything I shot keep company with this? What a photo! It deserved to be included in The Atlantic's InFocus, imo.

      It's technically challenging, beautiful in a strange way, captures an unbelievable moment, and has the added backstory of blue buildings for EMS week. Seriously, wow.

    • Thank you for the compliments. The biggest factor was luck, the rest mostly handled itself.

      I'm sure you have plenty of fantastic photos. It is very likely that you would have a harder time deciding what your best picture is, as the consistency of material that I've seen from you is of a higher level than I'll have the chance to achieve.

    • The funny thing is my favorite is a simple photo, really. My wife's niece was visiting from Utah and bringing her pole for the acrobatics she does on it and loves so much. We decided to do a photoshoot with my daughter-in-law, who is a professional photographer. It fell on me to pick the location.

      We had shot her before in front of the Eiffel Tower and I was thinking the only other photographic spot as iconic was the Golden Gate Bridge. But where could we set up the pole? Adrian (the niece) was gun shy because in Utah, she gets whisked away because the conservative population feels it's too risqué because she's wearing the same thing as female Olympic athletes do.

      What if we shot it on the pier that juts out in front of the GG? Would it be too windy? Too cold? Would they ask us to leave? Would the fishermen give too many cat calls?

      What the Hell, we went for it. This is Meghan (the daughter-in-law) taking a shot of Adrian, with Adrian's supportive husband looking on with one of the cousins. What happened next was the opposite of what happens to them in Utah: an admiring crowd gathered around. Adrian was able to wear a rainbow mask at the suggestion of someone who wanted a publicity shot for SF. Now Adrian wants to move here.

    • I haven't had any time at all for photography this year, so I've really only gotten a couple good ones and I've actually posted both before. But I think this one wins.