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    • I agree that area codes can no longer tell you where the person is located. But you probably need all of those digits just to make the pool of unique numbers large enough? Not a numbers person, to say the least, so just guessing here. Maybe they will need to add more digits at some point as the number of people with phones grows. They probably just still call them "area codes" because that's what we've always called them. The terminology might change.

    • I can see a day not too far off where phone numbers are irrelevant. Many two-token authentication platforms require a mobile phone to log into email. I argue that one day all correspondence will be merged into one platform and confirmation of our identity will be the only way to communicate, whether through biometrics or secret authentication key.
      Just thinking out loud.

    • Ipv6 & geoip location is all what's needed. Is already out there, most apps already track everything location related not to mention all the other stuff someone uses on their mobile.

    • Interesting ideas... I like it. Perhaps also think of a way to stop the mailman from dumping 2 pounds of trash through the mailbox every day.