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    • Probably everyone has heard the story: police see a Tesla speeding down the freeway with a sleeping drunk at the wheel. One patrol car behind the Tesla closes the freeway by doing a swerving maneuver and another gets in front of the Tesla and forces it to come to a stop. Then they try to wake up the driver.

      We haven't heard why the Autopilot didn't disengage if he didn't have his hands on the wheel. The big question is do you think Autopilot may have saved lives here or do you think it encourages distracted or drunk drivers?

    • This really does seem like the (almost) best-case outcome for this scenario. The driver should never have been behind the wheel, but if it had been almost any other car, he definitely would have crashed, and a crash at highway speed would almost certainly have injured him and could have injured or killed others.

      It sounds like the driver may have been slumped over the wheel, which could have created enough steering resistance to make the car think his hands were on the wheel. Teslas don't currently have any other way of detecting driver attention.

      GM's SuperCruise uses eye tracking to monitor driver attention, but it's apparently really finicky. I'm not sure if there's a better solution right now.