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    • I did what Andy and Marc wanted; slashed burn by shutting down all the remote development and sales offices, getting out of the leases, consolidating R&D in Mountain View, building a team, rearchitecting the product for delivery to the Enterprise, and making our first sales. The company is still running successfully though there was no liquidity event. I went on to found another [unrelated] company that we sold to Cisco in 2006.

    • The funny thing is, since I wrote this story a documentary came out about General Magic that surprisingly became #1 on iTunes and one of the few documentaries to make in-flight entertainment. I'm in it and the filmmakers asked me about Pierre and eBay. I had to answer honestly, none of us at General Magic saw how eBay would take off. He made offers to many of us to join, but who wanted to work at a flea market when General Magic was going to change the world?

    • Do you know at which point in the film you're asked about it for those of us that want to skip to it (I've seen the documentary but I don't remember that question).

    • Thanks! I actually called Mark before writing this story to check my memory. Sometimes when I remember stories like this I think, "Really, Chris? Are you sure you're remembering this right? It seems too amazing to be true." Mark and I pretty much remembered it the same way but he added a few details I didn't know.

      Welcome to Cake, btw! 🎂 Sounds like you know Mark?