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    • What month is it.... man snow this deep into April is rare.... it looks awesome but tends to snarl up traffic a bit... but I guess even the worse traffic day in buffalo is better than some of the best days in San Fran, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, etc!

    • Man oh man, I am so glad I left that snow-laden hellscape two weeks ago! Enjoy 7th winter!!!

      Cool picture by the way.

    • it has 4 outlets and an overhead light and I have an electric heater for it... so I mean it’s almost there!

      6x10 house so a solid 60 sq ft ;)

    • haha truth is buffalo is about 7 hours away from NYC and NYC is often much milder winter wise. But it's a good taste of the weather! Have a great time in NYC... I love to visit but have no desire to live there!