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    • Last year, I was too out of shape and had to punt on a summer hiking trip to Colorado.  This year I am doing my best to make summer hiking Colorado a reality. I put on an extra six pounds this winter, making my weight loss goal now at 16 pounds by the 4th of July.  No sense in making this easy. I set an initial walking goal of a couple miles a day with a gradual ramp up to early morning and after work daily walks of 3.5 miles a day, 4-6 miles a day on the weekend.  I’ll gradually add hill work and increase my pace for cardio.

      I’ll be posting my progress here periodically.  Respond with a


      if you’ve got suggestions. I’ll then invite you to this panel so we can chat.

    • Interesting topic, @apm...

      So, is the goal to hike at altitude in Colorado? Or to lose 16 lbs. by July 4? or to walk 4-6 miles a day? I get that they are all interrelated, but I just wonder what you are focusing on and what is the best motivator for you, because I’m kind of talking to myself.

      I have a similar sitch—trip is in June, though. I’ve got two months to get rid of the extra layer of “winter insulation” and I’m just not all that motivated...

      If the goal is to hike in CO, then the research begins — all the guidebooks and maps come out.

      If the goal is to lose 16 lbs by July 4, then the calorie tracker, the grocery lists, and the exercise plan come into play.

      If the goal is to walk 4-6 miles a day, then the step counter and the podcast library become the focus...

    • So, is the goal to hike at altitude in Colorado? Or to lose 16 lbs. by July 4? or to walk 4-6 miles a day?

      Ten years ago I was in the best shape of my life and at my goal weight: I had actually added ten pounds of muscle after six months of working out with a personal trainer four days a week. I hiked a ton, went on day long kayak paddling trips, biked for hours with a cycling buddy.

      Then I got married and switched to a more sedentary sport—think barroom darts—and I slowly got out of shape. A few years later I hurt my back. The next few years were spent trying various “solutions” with not much success and chronic pain.

      Three years ago, I found something that worked: it took three to four months before I knew the “rehab” was working. I’ve been slowly getting back in shape since then: if you knew me in person you would know how extremely difficult it is for someone as driven as me to take the slow and gradual improvement approach. But the alternative is a nonstarter.

      Getting to my goal weight won’t mean I’m in the same shape I was ten years ago: I could probably use to lose an additional five or ten pounds. But it is a vanity accomplishment that says I’m back on track to living the more active and enjoyable lifestyle that I greatly miss.

      Colorado is the reward, not the destination.

    • As you know, getting that extra weight off will make a difference in how your back feels and in your overall feeling of health (she says, knowing she herself should be losing weight to feel better.)

      This week has been futile for me. The Munchkin is on Spring Break, so I am front-and-center every hour of every day. We tried to go out and ride bikes today, but that was a bust. He’s getting a lot of thumb exercise on the iPad (Minecraft), and I’ve taken him to a local kids gym every day. However, my own health is kind of on standby. I’m counting down to when I’ll have time to myself again so I can get into an exercise regimen now that the snow has melted and we are again starting to see signs of life outside.

      If tracking your progress here would be motivating, I’m game for a little friendly competition.

    • If tracking your progress here would be motivating, I’m game for a little friendly competition.

      Bring it on!


    • What went well yesterday?

      I did a five minute “sprint” in the morning to get more than 500 steps before I left for work.

      I didn’t eat any snacks in the afternoon at work, which is a regular downfall.

      I walked 3.3 miles on Wednesday and instead of taking a “light day” yesterday, I walked a full two miles.

      What could’ve been better?

      I consumed caffeine in the afternoon and evening, which negatively impacts sleep. I ate a substantial sized slice of cheesecake.

      What can I do today to make it even better than yesterday?

      Continue with five minute morning sprints after a warmup.

      Eliminate snack cravings in the afternoon by adding a bowl of oatmeal to my lunch to feel fuller.

      Walk two miles.


      I’ve found the above three questions to be powerful in taking an honest assessment of what went well and what didn’t and in driving my actions towards positive change. I also think sharing reflections of our progress would be of interest to others. I’d be up for doing a Sunday reflection that includes week-by-week goals: I think averaging two miles a day and losing two pounds a week are my immediate goals for the next few weeks.

    • Got in a two-mile walk today, but seriously, I can’t start this till Monday. So no guilt here until then. 😬

      I work in a more binary fashion than you seem to—I set very clear calorie and exercise goals and then chide myself if I don’t attain them.

      I will try to get MyFitnessPal loaded on my Apple Watch before Monday. It is my favorite calorie tracker, even though calorie tracking is my LEAST favorite thing to do. Blech.

      And finally...this weekend’s theme song...


    • March 31-April 6 Weekly Progress

      Goal #1. Lose 2 pounds per week.

      Achieved: Lost 3 pounds.

      Goal #2. Walk an average of 2 miles per day.


    • March 31-April 6 Weekly Reflection

      What went well last week?

      I added oatmeal to my lunch on Friday, which kept me feeling fuller and able to fend off afternoon snack cravings—my Achilles heel it seems. I added a five minute sprint to my routine before leaving the house in the morning for work. On Saturday, I did a split of a 1.5 mile river walk in the morning followed by a 3 mile neighborhood walk in the afternoon.

      What could’ve been better?

      Snacking in the afternoon, as well as in the evenings, continues to be a challenge. Caffeine intake in the late afternoon negatively impacted going to bed at a reasonable hour for a few weekdays. Saturday’s mileage may have been excessive, making today (Sunday) a possible rest day.

      What can I do this week to make it even better than last week?

      Eat larger main meals to eliminate snacking. Continue to add oatmeal to lunches, and add a large bowl of salad to suppers, to feel fuller for longer. Maintain walking an average of two miles a day. Add hill work to one week day. Go two days at work without afternoon caffeine. Continue with five minute morning sprints.

    • So, this has been my week. ⬇️

      It has been Spring Break for the Munchkin, so I haven’t been able to get out to exercise on my own until last night. I’m gearing up for a good start tomorrow. Will be tracking my calories, my exercise, my water intake (new to me, but super-easy to do in the watch now, so why not track it? I tend to not drink enough water by a lot), and weight changes.

      (This is the daily/weekly activity graphic from the watch. Red Circle shows calories expended, green circle shows workout minutes, blue circle shows times that sedentary sitting is interrupted by standing and moving.)

    • April 7-14 Weekly Progress

      Goal #1. Lose 2 pounds per week. 

      Not Achieved: Lost zero pounds.

      Goal #2. Walk an average of 2 miles per day.


    • April 7-14 Weekly Reflection

      What went well last week?

      I gave up caffeine—no coffee, tea or soda—when I had been on a work intake of at least one cuppa per day.  

      I eliminated snacking between meals: I had been snacking after lunch and in the evenings, often consuming a lot of empty calories.  I added a bowl of oatmeal to lunch and a huge bowl of salad to supper to feel full.

      A couple times this week I did a ten minute walk during my lunch break at work.  I did 2 miles of hill work on Saturday.

      What could’ve been better?

      I didn’t lose any weight this week.

      In order to eliminate empty calorie snacking, I increased substantially the calories for my lunch and suppers.

      I didn’t pack lunch for Thursday and ate fast food (a Vanilla milkshake was involved).  I was up late on Saturday and had a late night snack.

      I didn’t do five minute morning sprints.

      What can I do this week to make it even better than last week?

      Continue with no snacking and no caffeine.  If I don’t have time to pack a lunch, grab a vegetarian frozen dinner from the freezer on my way out the door.

      Increase daily mileage goal from 2 miles to 2.2 miles.  Get in 2 miles on the day after a 3+ miles day. Do hill work at least once this week.

    • Ah. A plateau. I hate those.

      The afternoon snacking is what gets to me—I had been skating from chocolate snack to chocolate snack to get through the day. Now, I always try to ask myself when I am reaching for a bite: “Am I hungry, am I bored, am I frustrated, or am I thirsty?” Eating has become a subconscious habit for me so I need to bring it back into my conscious awareness.

      I’ve been tracking calories and exercise on the MyFitnessPal app each day (trying to stay motivated by posting it on a dedicated thread in the Women’s Forum on Advrider). I am much more conscious of getting exercise each day—usually a couple of miles walking, and some evening relaxation yoga (not very strenuous, but,’s something. Heh.)

      I’m also working on developing an exciting personal project that will keep me engaged away from home/kitchen. That’s another way I have kept the weight under control in the past—get immersed in a project I love.

      This challenge is working for me. I lost 5+ lbs this week. Not a bad start (even if a lot of it might be water)! I don’t feel much change in how my clothes fit or in my feeling of well-being yet, and I don’t expect next week to be quite so impressive, but as long as I keep trending downward, that’s what matters most...

    • This challenge is working for me. I lost 5+ lbs this week. 

      Congrats on the great start.

      Let’s continue to encourage and challenge each other. High hopes for another good week for us both! 🚀

    • Thanks!

      I have an extra incentive—trip to St. Thomas May 13-19. I’ve never been there before. My son and DIL have friends getting married there and they asked me to come along to watch my 1yo granddaughter while they attend the events that are not for little ones. She and I will have a blast. 😁

    • Great job, @apm!

      Yesterday was a tough one for me: irritable, constant background headache, rain, rain, rain. My timing was off and I was really craving chocolate and baked goods! Gah. I did my best to hang in there.

      Today has been better. The weather has been nice enough to get out and ride my bicycle (breaking in my new helmet - heh), and I made some headway on my new project, which kept my mind off chocolate and baked goods. 😂

      I’m grateful for a new start each day.

    • April 14-21 Weekly Progress

      Goal #1. Lose 2 pounds per week. 

      Not Achieved: Lost one pound.

      Goal #2. Walk an average of 2.2 miles per day.


    • April 14-21 Weekly Reflection

      What went well last week?

      Zero caffeine, zero snacks between meals. Multiple 3+ mile days. Got in at least 2 miles on light days. Got in one day of hill work on Saturday. On Thursday, a light day, I did 20 reps of reverse lunges for the first time.

      When I didn’t have time to make a lunch for work, I grabbed an Amy’s vegetarian frozen meal and a banana for lunch instead of grabbing fast food on my lunch break.


      What could’ve been better?

      I only lost one pound this week for a total of four pounds lost, 12 still to go.

      I forgot to take an Aleve the morning after each hike and had some accumulated inflammation by Thursday.

      What can I do this week to make it even better than last week?

      Continue with no snacking, no caffeine and no fast food.

      Keep daily minimum at 2.2 miles. Get in 2 miles on the day after a 3+ miles day. Do at least one day of hill work. Remember to ice and take an Aleve to reduce inflammation. 

      Do reverse lunges one day a week for next two weeks: goal is to then increase to twice a week.

    • We’ll be in Colorado for six nights. On Day 5, I’m planning to do a full day hike of 4-6 miles, depending on the elevation climbed. I’d like to do hiking on the other days as well but taking the need to adjust to the higher altitude into consideration, we’ll plan to be flexible and do sightseeing or shorter hikes if necessary.

      Planning to camp near Denver for the first three nights and hike within 90 miles of the city.

      So how did you do this past week?

    • I’ve been waiting for my (free) app to tally up my stats from last week. They finally showed up about an hour ago. I will post below.

      I lost two pounds this past week. 🙂

    • Not sure why the steps calories burned shows zero... maybe because a lot of the steps were calculated in the exercise sessions? Dunno.

    • This is an interesting breakdown of what I ate last week. I’ve been eating a lot of veggies. I guess that’s why the protein numbers are low.