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    • One of my end-of-year activities is to review the photos I took during the year to select what I consider to be my top photos of the year. When I started this exercise back in 2011 my top photos were predominantly landscapes with a few macros jumping in. This year my selection was more macros than landscapes.

      I will share my top landscape photos here.

      For anyone reading, I would like to see your top landscape photos from this year too. If you would like to share, please post your photos in this thread!

    • I took a picture like that but more moody and abstract (read: difficult to tell what it is) when I was in Hyder AK. I printed it big and hung it up with a bunch of my other work at a show I was invited to participate in. It totally flopped- and I thought it was one of my best shots ever! :lol

    • I favor your shot of the rocky shoreline at Acadia @Denise, and i like the drone shot of the harbor from above @skinny_tom - what great images!

      I travelled to St Johns Newfoundland for lighthouses and sea scapes in June, but my favorite images of the trip were three fox kits in the sunlight.

      I spent several days in Big Bend and came home with images of lizards...

      In September I spent a few days in New Mexico shooting the Milky Way, but mostly came home with a few images of elk crossing a river at sunrise.

      It was in a return trip to Scotland, in October, that gave me my favorite landscapes - not hard to understand why, Scotland can be gorgeous in the fall.

      One in black and white - a seascape on the Ilse of Lewis and Harris

      And in color, a sunrise image of Bamburgh Castle, a bit south of Edinburgh on the east coast of Great Britain.

      I also like this night scene of Edinburgh, shot in the wind so heavy that the tripod was almost being blown over - it is was a heavy tripod with a bag hanging on it at that!

    • I love that you came home with photos of things you didn't plan to shoot!

      My favorite of the shots you posted is the b&w image. That's saying a lot for me - my preference is usually for color.

      That image is pure magic.

    • I like that image too, @Denise - even if the subject is dead center, the absolutely wrong place usually

      Merry Christmas to each and every one! Or an appropriate holiday greeting of their preference.

    • I frequently feel like the little kid looking in as the real adults post their images, especially landscapes.

      But sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn if they search hard enough and long enough...😎

    • Very nice sharp image @DangerDave - that Tokina seems very impressive.

      I looked for a Tokina 14-28mm lens and can't seem to find one - am I confused or what? I can find a Tokina 14-20mm f2.0 and 16-28mm f2.8mm Tokina lenses - might one of these be what you used, or did I just miss one on Google somewhere?

      The 14-20 f2.0 sounds rather interesting.

    • Yah 16-28 F2.8. My bad. I was a bit full of christmas cheer.

      It's not a bad bit of glass. I mostly use it for vehicle interiors and it's perfect for that.

      Doesn't do a bad landscape either. I don't do a lot of landscapes back home here in Aus.

      Partly because I was a bit spoiled by living and touring around New Zealand for 11 years. There's beauty here, but around every corner is epic in NZ.

      I'll start another thread for that.

    • Love the images posted so far. I looked through my collection of 2019 and tragically, I shot no landscapes. 😳 So this morning I got up at sunrise and shot the valley fog here in Salem Oregon. I wish the sky had the clouds that @JeffersonGrahamPhoto captures so often, but alas.