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    • Yesterday I described one of my favourite points for landscape photography, today I would like to show how it looks like when the clouds move briefly away and the magnificent colors of the Pla de la Calma highlands in northeastern Catalonia appear. The ferns in autumn produce a fine rust- red while the Montseny massif in the background was benefitting from the last sunrays of the setting sun.

      It is a wild, beautiful environment, numerous flocks of free-roaiming sheep and goats maintain the vegetation as it is and the frequent mist and fog provides abundant humidity to keep all alive and healthy.

    • What a beautiful shot! Did you have to wait a long time for the clouds to disappear or was it an unexpected pleasant surprise during your hike (mountain bike ride)?

    • You newer know what will happen but generally when the sun sets the low clouds vanish, I normally walk around with my camera gear in search of interesting compositions.

    • I think you caught that at the perfect time to create a rainbow of color. The sun is softly settling on part of the top.

    • Actually setting from the back, you can see the shadow on the rock massif.