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    • I am in the market for a new triathlon suit. I am currently wearing a two-piece sleeveless suit.

      I am leaning towards a short sleeved jersey after I was sunburned fairly badly during my last IRONMAN even after taking my time at the transition to put on sun protection.

      I would probably stay with a two piece as it feels more convenient when one has to use the restroom. Plus I don’t really see too much benefits of a one-piece besides perhaps it’s general better looking.

      Any recommendations?

    • In all my years of racing I have only been wearing a single piece trisuit. I now race in my 5th trisuit and learned a few things along the way that I would love to share with you. I still have all of the them in the closet and I use them regularly during training sessions. On race days and key pre-race practice session I wear the Custom Epix GoFierce Aero 1-piece SS trisuite, which I'll write about in the following posts.

      The most important aspect of choosing a trisuit is getting the right size, which sounds obvious, but is actually hard to get right. I am 5'7" which is often "in-between size", so it is almost a coin toss between ordering size Small or Medium. I've made this mistake already twice by ordering the wrong size thinking it was right, only to realize after a few rides that it was either too big or too small. For 2XU I'm size Medium, but for Epix I'm size Small.

    • I'll start with my very first trisuite 2XU Compression Full Zip. It is still one of the most comfortable and warmest of all five. I've had it for over 5 years and it is still going strong. Even though the graphics on the side are peeling off, the suit still doesn't have any holes and the fabric feels just as nice as it was the first year.

      This suit has thicker fabric than others that you'll appreciate on colder days but it gets a bit hot on days above 75 degrees. In my experience the "compression" aspect makes no difference in racing or training as long as the you've chosen the correct size. I have 2 of these 2XU suits: size Medium and size Small. Originally I got the size Medium and it fit perfectly, but I thought that it wasn't "compressed" enough, so I bought the size Small, which turned out to be way too small for 5'7" 145lbs.

      Three rear pockets are nice to stash 3 gels but anything bigger like a gel flask (which I use now instead of individual gels) would probably fly out on a run.

    • Next one up is the newer version of the 2XU Compression Full Zip, but a size Small instead of Medium. This suite turned out to be way too tight and it would "cut in" between legs when riding in the TT position. I had a hard time even zipping it up around the chest and usually unzipped it altogether during the run. Even though the suit is just as nice as the original 2XU (black one) I almost never wear it anymore because of its size.

    • My custom Kiwami Prima LD Trisuit (size Small) is awesome for hot days. It is made of a thin fabric and is very breathable. Huge 2 back pockets are great for stashing a few gels and are easy to access. The other 2 side pockets come in handy for extra gels. However, I usually use them to stash away swim ear plugs, which otherwise would fly out from the back pocket.

      Another big advantage of getting a Kiwami suite is to be able to customize it. You can add your name, your team name or your country to it. Even though it is very limited in terms of customization with only a few color choices for the entire suite and a couple of lines of text, it is otherwise a great way to order a basic custom trisuits.

    • After racing in a Kiwami trisuit I wanted to add more customization, which is when I've found Epix Gear. They have a bigger range of customization options such as full color sublimation. The graphics are printed directly on the suite so they won't crack or peel. You can even upload a custom color logo or any graphic you want and choose from a variety of sleeveless and short sleeved trisuits.

      Originally I've ordered an Epix Airflow Trisuit (size Medium), but it turned out to be too big and stretched even more so after a few races. One of the best features of this trisuit is the zipper pocket. I now use flask gel instead of individual gel packets, so simply stashing it in the back pocket and zipping it up gives me a piece of mind that nutrition will stay there no matter what.

      Their online customization tool is fun to play with to explore various color options. In the final step you can upload custom graphics, logos etc. Then their in-house designer will reach out to you via email with the proposed logo placements and you'll have a back and forth email exchange to finalize placement and sizes. I've found this process to be easy and their designer is very responsive and great to work with.

    • This season I am racing in the Epix GoFierce Aero 1-piece SS trisuit. I've decided to go with short sleeved suit to have more coverage from the sun. No longer do I need to worry and getting those funny looking and painful sunburn "back wings". It is pretty difficult to put the sunscreen there without help and I no longer need to worry about covering my shoulders. As a side benefit, on the colder days you'll appreciate the extra coverage.

      This trisuit also has a big zippered pocket I've came to love while also adding a fully meshed back. It is even more breathable than the Kiwami trisuit because of this mesh on the back and sides, but the front core is made of different fabric, which offers protected from the elements. If you are getting hot, it is easy to unzip the front, but when it is colder you'll find this extra front wind protection indispensable.

      It is my favorite trisuit because of its versatility in cold and hot weather. Add to that a zippered pocket, high quality fabric and a range of customization options makes it a clear winner for me.

    • I have been racing for a while now, and I used to wear two-piece sleeveless suit as well. However, ever since I switched to one-piece it's been a game changer! They are actually more comfortable and breathable. I currently use Orca's 226 line. The 226 Short Sleeve Race Suit has a long front zipper which will allow you to use it as a two-piece, but it is definitely more comfortable and aero (if you are into that whole thing).

    • That is quite fascinating @Ricky523. I always thought it was a personal preference to go with two-piece or a one-piece suite, but hearing from you about it being a game-changer is a huge relief. I always wore a one-piece and wondered if I was missing out on something 🤔

      Other reasons why I went with a one-piece trisuit is that it is one less thing to worry about. I would hate to forget the tops or bottoms. Also with a one-piece there is nothing squeezing around my waist while biking or running, which makes my stomach feel a lot better under stress.