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    • A while ago I pledged to back the Kickstarter for AKUA's Kelp Jerky!

      From their official Kickstarter campaign:

      AKUA is a modern food brand on a mission to create food the right way: healthy,
      delicious, plant-based, and with a positive impact on the planet. One year ago, we teamed up with NYC chef Will Horowitz, a culinary wizard famous for his mushroom foraging skills and making
      melt-in-your-mouth delicacies like smoked cantaloupe burgers. Together, we've created a new wave of 100% vegan, seagreens and plant-based foods made from the most sustainable source of food on Earth: 100% ocean farmed latissima kelp, a superfood from the sea that has nourished civilizations for thousands of years. By helping us fund our Kickstarter, you're helping us bring this ancient magical seagreen to the world today. Ever found yourself looking for a high-protein snack? One without loads of sugar? And one that's plant-based? It's not easy! But we've got you!

      I patiently waited along with thousands of other backers - and now the tantalizing treat finally arrived. Here's all three flavors:

      - Sesame and Nori Sea Salt

      - Spicy Thai and Spirulina

      - Rosemary and Maple BBQ

      Which flavor's going to be the most delicious?

    • Sesame and Nori is a very promising start. The flavor profile is very reminiscent of sushi - the pleasant roasted umami taste, the seaweed's trace minerals all combining to make a lovely flavor. 10/10, would eat entire bag.

      Fun facts about the ingredients in Akua courtesy of their official Kickstarter:

      We use Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) (don't let the name freak you out - it has just 0.6g of natural plant sugars per 100g). It's also known as Sweet Kelp, Kombu Royale, Sea Belt, and Poor Man's Weather Glass. It's a delicate, delicious, and edible brown macroalgae. Kelp is full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, omega-3 fats and fiber, including zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, and calcium (10x more than milk!). Kelp supports your body’s ability to absorb water and is a rich, natural source of iodine that helps to stimulate a healthy metabolism. Kelp is also one of the only foods that expands in your stomach, making you feel fuller, longer. 

    • Next flavor is Spicy Thai and Spirulina! This particular flavor is, as promised, spicy, with turmeric, cumin, chili and cilantro notes. Still quite tasty, but my favorite thus far is still Sesame and Nori. Where will flavor #3 fall?

    • Last but not least is Rosemary and Maple BBQ! This unusual and umami-packed flavor combination is smokey and delicious. I could see this being a standout product for vegans as it does pack a hearty taste profile. The jerky texture for all 3 flavors is perfect - it's not so hard as to be dehydrated and rock-like / crunchy, nor is it too soft to avoid a good hearty snack.

    • Akua's seaweed is sustainably sourced:

      We use ocean-farmed kelp, which is a zero-input crop, which requires no fresh water, fertilizer, or dry land on which to grow. We never wild-harvest kelp, which is detrimental to our ocean's ecosystems. Our kelp is sourced from our network of New England ocean farms, which function as storm-surge protectors and shoreline ecosystems for 150+ species. And did you know that seaweed soaks up 5x more carbon from the water than land based plants do from the air?

      Pretty awesome stuff.

      In conclusion, I'd rate these flavors in order of preference, although all 3 flavors are really good:

      #1: Sesame and Nori Sea Salt - by far my favorite. Eminently snackable. I'll be buying more!

      #2: Rosemary and Maple BBQ - smoky, delicious, hearty.

      #3: Spicy Thai and Spirulina - still tasty, just with a spicy kick.

      And good news, the wait is over - you can buy your own Akua kelp jerky here! Let me know if you agree with the flavor rankings or if you feel differently.

    • These sound pretty tasty. They seem like they might be a little on the expensive side, though. Especially since you have to buy at least three packages at a time.

    • Totally get that! I think because the product is so new, it is at a more premium price point, but my hope is that more people will embrace this unique snack and help it scale :)