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    • If a vehicle is causing you angst it might be time to assess some priorities. :-P

      Can Am Spyders are great fun. Sure - they aren't motorcycles - but they are quite exhilerating to ride hard. An open wheel sports car with a bigger buzz.

      And I like riding trikes too. Same thing. Different to a motorcycle, but still a heap of fun nonetheless.

      I find that Yamaha quite appealing in a Sci-Fi sort of way. I'd like to ride one. Apparently they wheelie quite well with all that counterbalance too.

    • The concept intrigued me since I first saw it. I could be mistaken, but think Piaggio introduced a production three wheel leaning vehicle first, by coming out with the MP3. I am curious regarding stability and feel characteristics, to my mind this concept should handle better than just the regular non leaning three wheelers, especially the ones with two at the back and a single steering wheel.

      I think most enjoyable ones are side cars, because the asymmetric handling challenges. Anyone wants to ride monkey? Hahahahaha!

    • I have ridden several MP3 Piaggios. They are good. 'Moar' grips.
      They ride just like a normal Piaggio scoot - except that at low speeds you can lock-out the lean to stay bolt-upright and pull up at the lights and not have to put your foot down.

      Sidecars however are 'almost' too weird for me.

    • Fascinating! I missed all the press about this bike when it came out so it sent me scrambling to try and understand it. Adam Waheed is one of my favorite motorcycle journalists (along with DangerDave) and he had a pretty fantastic review:

      I wonder if it’s more stable at low speeds which would make it a great choice for navigating the crowds and tight corners of the grand tours?

    • I love that he did a wheelie test! I think this might be good for city police like Chi-town, NYC or LA. And, to clarify my intro comment...I don't hate three wheels, just the I would love to have a Ural like Chris's in my garage.

    • I'd like to see a full touring one, decked out with hard cases luggage. It would be awesome if it had a shaft drive! And another with off road knobbies and Yamaha's patented (iirc) front wheel traction - now that is something I'd seriously want to know how it does in Tennessee mud.